A World Vision art forgery? Daily Telegraph columnist Tim Blair, a self-described “rich white guy who was raised properly”, has a soft spot for World Vision and has been sponsoring a Zimbabwean child named Obvious for several years (Blair says he chose the child because of his unusual name, fearing future confrontations with police — but we won’t get into that). Obvious, now 17, sent Blair a card this year, along with a drawing — and Blair thinks he “isn’t meeting his KPIs”.

Obvious drawing

Blair says Obvious’ drawing skills have gone backwards significantly — and he is furious his Zimbabwean sponsored child is not up to snuff. World Vision is investigating the source of the drawing — perhaps the 17-year-old Zimbabwean young man did not actually draw his rich, white, well-raised patron a picture to thank him for his generosity. Blair concludes: “His next drawing will tell the story. I’m looking forward to some Obvious improvement.”

SMH bikini click-bait. Who needs the Daily Mail in Australia when the “quality” press like The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age feature all the latest trends?

bikini bridge

Sinister typography at Pepsi. Pepsi’s Hong Kong division recently announced a co-branding campaign with Aape, a label run by Japanese clothing brand A Bathing Ape. Unfortunately, Aape’s brand took on a different meaning when reproduced in the Pepsi logo font …

Video of the day. Qatar was overjoyed to have secured the bid for the 2022 World Cup and promised it would be held in the northern hemisphere summer, as usual, promising air-conditioned stadiums and protection for fans. Turns out someone didn’t do the sums correctly — it will be too hot to hold it over summer. Qatar now says it will be a Christmas-time World Cup …

Qatar World Cup