Jan 9, 2014

Direct Action in Oz, but no help for Pacific islands struggling with change

The Abbott government has quietly cut funding to Pacific islands struggling with the impact of climate change. Nic Maclellan, a correspondent for Islands Business in Fiji, reports.


In Crikey yesterday, Catherine Wilson reported on the challenges facing the Solomon Islands and other Pacific neighbours to adapt to the adverse effects of climate change. But in Australia, there’s been little publicity about the sweeping changes the Abbott government has made to our international climate financing obligations. They’re not just stopping the boats, they’re stopping the cheques.


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4 thoughts on “Direct Action in Oz, but no help for Pacific islands struggling with change

  1. JohnB

    Another brick removed from the structure which the current government inherited when it took office.

    It is very much evident that this action, along with many others, is justified entirely by the desire of the new king of the jungle that is Australian federal politics to remove all sign of the previous ruler.

    This is certainly not policy, for none has been announced. It is not even rational.

    It is most certainly short-sighted, because it sends a strong signal to our island neighbours that Australia simply doesn’t care about them and their problems, even ones to which we have contributed disproportionately, such as climate change, ocean acidification and rising sea levels.

    How long till the next backflip?

  2. Gratton Wilson

    I have asked the previous government and the present one if there was a policy relating to Pacific countries experiencing problems of ocean flooding caused by climate change. There has been no response. Apparently there has been a request for help from endangered countries but they have not been responded to. The Australian Government and that of Canada must be the only countries in the world actually dismantling their infrastructure dealing with climate science. If Abbott follows his mate Harper in Canada we could see some our iconic institutions severely damaged. In Canada’s case it is all about tar sands. Nothing must stop the push for exploitation. In Australia the equivalent is coal. These two countries because of the greed of their government and their supporters are heading to be classified pariah or rogue states by the rest of the world. Their collective fossil fuel resources could become the major single cause of world pollution and catastrophic warming.

  3. MJPC

    What, the TAbbott government has cut pacific island climate change combat funding…no way. They have just approved dredging on the Barrier Reef for more coal to be exported; they don’t believe in CC so why waste that funding when it can be better spent speeding it along; Revolution now!

  4. Roger Clifton

    What Australia could offer (and succeeding governments unlikely to revoke) is a commitment to equip our military as a disaster response force. That is adaption to an inevitable, mutual future.

    Waving promises of vast amounts of guilt money brings the wrong people to the table and distracts public attention from checking who should be doing what with whom.

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