Anti-cigarette measures up in smoke

Crikey readers talk cigarettes, alcohol, conscription and whether climate change or tectonic activity is to blame for the Solomon Islands' plight.


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4 thoughts on “Anti-cigarette measures up in smoke

  1. wayne robinson

    Paul Ham has written a very good book on Australia’s Vietnam War. In one section, he noted that one of the ‘excuses’ after the fact and the loss of the war was that America’s and Australia’s commitment gave neighbouring countries time to modernise and reform before the communists could usurp power there too.

    We paid heavily in lives to save countries with then corrupt governments. A price that wasn’t worth the likely consequences otherwise, and the worst case scenario just was implausible, as anyone who knows the history of Indochina would realise.

  2. JohnB

    Bill Lambert, the reason for satellite altimeter measurement of sea levels is exactly to avoid the issue you mention. Sea level readings pre-993 were plagued by the conflict between rising seas and sinking land masses.

    Then along came an independent method, via setellites.

    Your question has been answered. Your concerns are unfounded.

  3. klewso

    “Communist”, “nationalist/patriot/freedom fighter” what’s the difference, except from the aspect of the side of the road you’re on?

  4. max steinman

    Any article that glibly tries to assert that more expensive alcohol would not reduce rates of drinking was bound to be full of errors.

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