Picking on Bernardi unbecoming (or perhaps he’s an arsehat)

Crikey readers talk the pros and cons of picking on Cory Bernardi and an exciting Tasmanian data project that has great potential.


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2 thoughts on “Picking on Bernardi unbecoming (or perhaps he’s an arsehat)

  1. Hugh (Charlie) McColl

    I would have thought that a person who publicly states that it is unacceptable for women to use abortion as a form of contraception would at the very least outline what form of contraception they personally use.
    And if they are sexually active and don’t personally use any contraceptives – preferring for example that their wives/girlfriends take care of that stuff – then their observations about the choices of others are pretty worthless.

  2. Joel

    Bernardi’s views are uncivil, thus an uncivil response is appropriate in describing them.

    As for experts – although it is often true that gathering ten experts nets you 11 opinions, it’s important to consider the balance. If nine experts say one thing and one expert dissents, it would be misleading and unrepresentative to report their positions equally.

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