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Jan 7, 2014

At home with the Cheneys: Liz quits, Mary seethes, Dick mediates

Liz Cheney has quit her bid for the US Congress, leaving a gay sister still seething and her former vice-presidential father trying to heal rifts within the Republican Party.

Andrew Murfett — Freelance journalist in Florida

Andrew Murfett

Freelance journalist in Florida

It must have been an awkward Christmas dinner. After embarking on an ambitious, high-profile Republican primary Senate seat race that — even for this family — demonstrated enormous chutzpah and caused much political and personal anxiety, Liz Cheney is walking away.

News that Dick Cheney’s daughter (pictured) had abandoned the race she so boldly entered in Wyoming last year raised eyebrows around the country today as Americans headed to work following the Christmas holiday break. The story was broken in the early hours of the morning by CNN. According to Politico, a “troubling incident” involving one of her children at university, as well as her youngest daughter’s battle with juvenile diabetes, encouraged Cheney, 47, to reassess the merits of standing in the race.

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6 thoughts on “At home with the Cheneys: Liz quits, Mary seethes, Dick mediates

  1. Kevin Herbert

    Andrew Murfett says:

    “For all his faults, Dick Cheney was an early supporter of same-sex marriage 13 years ago….”.

    Decent people globally will never forget Cheney’s central role in US foreign policy in the Middle East, notably talking up the illegal wars in Iraq & Afghanistan which have slaughtered more than 2 million civilians. Cheney should have been tried at the Hague as a putrid war criminal.

    Along with the odious Donald Rumsfeld, many US citizens are still hoping that Cheney will face justice for those appalling crimes against humanity. Cheney, Rumsfeld & co can’t go anywhere in the US in public these days, without being accused of these crimes, just like Henry Kissinger.

  2. DiddyWrote

    The Clintons, Bill, Hillary and maybe Chelsea. The Bush Family, George, Dubya and Jeb. And now it looks like the Dark Lord himself is attempting to stick another generation of Cheney’s into the political scene.
    US politics is becoming to look less like a democracy and more to resemble A Game of Thrones with competing Dynasties vying for the Presidency.

  3. Rena Zurawel

    Are you suggesting that something is wrong with the American voting system??

  4. Guwardi

    what voting system, it’s a joke. as for Diddy I reckon he has it spot on, in recent years it’s been a game of thrones, with Obama the exception.

  5. DiddyWrote

    Hi Rena,
    Am I suggesting that there might be something wrong with the American voting system. No
    Am I suggesting that there might be something wrong with the US Democratic system. I would have to Yes.
    How healthy and free of nepotism is a political system that out of a population of 300 million consistently finds relatives of previous Presidents to be just the right person to lead the country?
    In order to just run for the Senate or the House of Representatives let alone the Presidency requires access to enormous sums of money. The power brokers of both the Republicans and the Democrats are the gate keepers for that cash and cronyism is alive and well for these back room boys.
    The US public get a choice at the ballot box but the few choices on offer have already been made by pretty corrupt party machines dominated by the very families I have pointed out.

  6. Hominoid

    Cheney should change his surname to “Wad”.

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