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Jan 6, 2014

Crikey says: new resolutions for a new year

We're baaaaaack. What did Syria's butcher tell the Aussies? We had an insider. How a green tariff could save the carbon price: a special Crikey investigation. In America, the prospect of immigration reform, and we spend New Year's Day with New York's new mayor. And cake with Christos Tsiolkas. Normal transmission resuming ...

Really? We came back for this? Cory Bernardi being, well, Cory Bernardi? When it comes to New Year's resolutions, surely we can all agree to make 2014 the year we all ignore Cory. And whatever the vile, desperately inconsequential twerp may spout. We've got some others, too. Like ignoring the inevitable leadership speculation stories if Labor leader Bill Shorten's polling goes south. Or, for that matter, Tony Abbott's. At least until it's really on. We resolve to reference people who know what they're talking about to commentate on issues of the day. Scientists, economists, etc. Not the self-interested cronies who want to drive debate away from reality. And we vow not to pick enemies and beat them around the head for the sake of it. Unless it's the English cricket team, and that's just fair game. We reckon we can stick to our resolutions. But we probably need some others. What are the declarations politicians, corporate leaders and the like -- and the people who cover them -- should make for 2014? We'd love to hear what you think ... *Normal Crikey transmission will resume ASAP as we return from the summer break. You'll have to wait a couple more weeks for some features -- First Dog is still working on his tan -- but other favourites will start to emerge this week. Stay tuned.

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3 thoughts on “Crikey says: new resolutions for a new year

  1. JohnB

    Please, avoid commenting on polls until after an election has been called.

    If the poll is not about an election, but is about, say, leadership squabbles, refer to your first resolution.

    By way of a reminder, why not make your resolution a promise and to print that promise at the head of each edition, to remind us that you mean what you say?

  2. Northy

    Welcome baaaack Crikey! Glad to see you again. Cracker resolutions by the way!

  3. AR

    Wot JohnB sed – unless you want to do a Tony, “promises only matter if they’re in writing”.

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