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Dec 20, 2013

Crikey Awards: your pick for the best (and worst) person of the year

Crikey readers have spoken. We have your Person of the Year and Arsehat of the Year. Plus which silver fox got your nod for sexiest male pollie?


The most important poll of the year has ended and the results are in. That’s right, more than 2200 people voted in our 2013 Crikey awards. The winners — and you were very decisive this year — are …

Crikey 2013 Person of the Year: Edward Snowden

He changed what we know about how United States authorities spy on people. His leaks unveiled a secret government surveillance network that stretched much further and deeper than most of us had realised. He started a global conversation; he became a fugitive. He was a traitor to his country, he was a hero to those who value transparency and personal privacy.

To different people Edward Snowden is all those things, but to Crikey readers he is the 2013 Person of the Year.

Snowden, who won just over 35% of the vote in our poll, was a runaway winner, ahead of runner-up Cathy McGowan on 17% (she famously toppled Sophie Mirabella in the federal election). Peter Fox, the policeman who blew the whistle on the sexual abuse of children by the clergy, came third.

It’s a more emphatic result than last year, when shot Pakistani schoolgirl and advocate for girls’ education Malala Yousafzai just nudged out Barack Obama for the gong.

Who should be Crikey’s Person of the Year for 2013?

Crikey 2013 Arsehat of the Year: Campbell Newman

Queensland Liberal National Party Premier Campbell Newman decided to take on bikies with draconian laws that criminalise certain types of association and send bikies to prison for much longer than other people who commit the same crime. There’s some public and media support for the move, but legal experts, civil libertarians and bikies are up in arms. Crikey readers have sided with the latter group — 31% of you voted for Newman (and not in a good way). Qantas CEO Alan Joyce was a distant second, edging out Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, suspected of using chemical weapons on his own people. Make of that what you will.

Last year’s Arsehat was Alan Jones; while he’s still ranting on the radio, he’s seen as less influential this time around.

Who should be Crikey’s Arsehat of the Year for 2013?

Sexiest male politician: Malcolm Turnbull

Malcolm Turnbull may have just become a grandfather, but he’s still got it — apparently. It’s the fourth consecutive year he’s taken out the title.

  1. Malcolm Turnbull (Liberal)
  2. Scott Ludlam (Green) — some voted for his hair
  3. Clive Palmer (PUP)
  4. Jason Clare (ALP)
  5. Adam Bandt (Green)

Other responses included “Error 404. Sexy male politician not found,” and “Doug Cameron’s accent”.

Sexiest female politician: Tanya Plibersek

It’s a different story in this category, where Labor’s Kate Ellis has been toppled from her long-held No 1 perch by a rising star (and now deputy leader). Meanwhile, veteran Bronwyn Bishop’s stern style as Speaker seems to have won her fans.

  1. Tanya Plibersek (ALP)
  2. Kate Ellis (ALP)
  3. Bronwyn Bishop (Lib)
  4. Penny Wong (ALP)
  5. Larissa Waters (Green)

We also received votes for Dame Enid Lyons and Michaelia Cash’s hair, while Sarah Hanson-Young and Christopher Pyne got roughly the same number of votes. Must be an Adelaide thing.


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37 thoughts on “Crikey Awards: your pick for the best (and worst) person of the year

  1. mikeb

    Bronny at nbr 3? Survey just lost a LOT of credibility.

  2. Grumpy Old Sod

    Bronny at number 3 makes me wonder if there’s a significant S&M component within Crikey’s readership. Whips at 3 paces anyone?

  3. Kevin Herbert

    Who on earth compiles these facile lists?

    They’re inconsequential…cubed.

    How about a more democratic call for nominations by Crikey subscribers, and then put those up for a vote.

  4. Kevin Herbert

    Note to Cathy Alexander:

    you say: “….edging out Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, suspected of using chemical weapons on his own people”.

    Check out Seymour Hersh’s take on the Obama line re chemical weapons on Assad before you make such unfounded allegations…really…we expect more from a Crikey senior staffer.

  5. Slomo

    Kevin it says ‘suspected’…are you seriously suggesting Assad isn’t even suspected of gassing his own people? If so you must have sniffed some gas yourself.

  6. paddy

    mikeb. Putting Bronny at no3 just shows Crikey subscribers have fine sense of humour.
    Plus they’re even better at trolling than George Brandis.

  7. Kevin Herbert


    so you judge events based on hearsay..am I right?

    Where’s the evidence?

  8. Max Andrews

    Slomo, I am with Kevin Herbert. Your comment just reflects the typically pathetic and unresearched MSM view put out by those news parrots.

    Crikey needs to hold it’s line in these matters or go and join the rest of the Thinktanks and stop pretending to be something you are not.

  9. cyberfysh

    Kevin @2, it was a write-in poll, not a supplied list, so perfectly “democratic”.

    And it’s supposed to be a bit of fun, so why so grumpy??

  10. Electric Lardyland

    And where can I buy these arsehats? I’m sure many of my friends up here in Queensland, would love one for Christmas. Are they decorative little bonnets, that are one part buttock and one part Mr Newman? Or are they something that you wear around your backside, that has an appropriate representation of the Member for Ashgrove on each cheek?

  11. drmick

    I put Bronnie in the sexiest male politician category.

  12. Venise Alstergren

    As I totter out of my hospital bed-foot op-and onto my tricycle-made to keep foot patients’ legs uplifted behind them. I pause to look at Crikey….Have you all gone completely bloody mad?

    Bronny at number three on good guys list??????? The woman’s a dithering puppet who always comes down on her master’s side.

    For his comments revealing there to be one or two Catholics who do not believe the CC is still in the year one AD, Pope what’s his name? Francis? Goes to number four on the GGs list.

    HAS NO ONE heard of Malala Yousafzai? She should have drawn equal first with Edward Snowden.

    I’m ashamed by the pusillanimity of my fellow Crikey readers.

  13. John McCombe

    Supporting Kevin Herbert re reference to Seymour Hersh’s article (here ’tis http://www.lrb.co.uk/v35/n24/seymour-m-hersh/whose-sarin), how about a report for Australian public. Oh, and congratulations to me for being so mainstream-Crikey as to get 2 winners and a 2nd out of 3 entries (there are no sexy male pollies). Merry Christmas.

  14. Jill Baird

    HAS NO ONE heard of Malala Yousafzai?
    She was mmentioned in the article as last year’s winner.

  15. Andybob

    Best wishes for a quick recovery Venise. I bet you’ll be mowing em down on your trike in no time.

    Perhaps Bronny B as sexiest female pollie says more about pollies than sex.

  16. Kevin Herbert

    cyberfysh: you’re right…I missed the write-in phase.

    Not grumpy really…the lists are so twee for mine. Putting Assad on a list distorts the cold hard reality of the NATO’s total responsibility for the both the ‘civil’ war & current humanitarian disaster, and moreover solidifies the associated NATO propoganda….while at the same time Obama heads the globe’s biggest terrorist organisation, but of course we (Australia) are not allowed to say that..cos we’re going to be invaded by….aaaah…someone….yet to be identified, and we desperately need US protection….our own 21st century domino theory.

  17. Kevin Herbert


    can you imagine the howl of feminist protest if you’d said the same thing about Gillard as you’ve said about Bishop?

  18. Charlie Maigne

    I’ve been a long-time Larissa Waters voter but there something about Tanya Plibersek on the warpath as (acting) Opposition Leader that got the fires burning.

  19. Andybob

    My best wishes to Venice require moderation. Story of my life …

  20. Richard Koser

    Kevin, you really are a Herbert.

    I suspect Assad of gassing his own citizens, so the article is technically accurate. He’s also been a major player in a war which has killed an untold number of people over the last few years. Barrel bombs?

    As for that turgid, convoluted article you cite as evidence in favour of Assad, well let’s just take the assertion that “all” armor constantly drill for sarin gas attack. Am I supposed to take that seriously? Pass the tin foil helmet…

  21. Kevin Herbert

    Richard, you really are a (K)Loser.

    You weak ad hominem slurs don’t mean a thing among grown ups.

    Ever heard of process? Apparently not. That you ‘suspect’ Assad of anything means absolutely nothing in the real world.

    Richard, you really are a (K) Loser.

    You also show no awareness whatsoever of the real politic in the Middle east.

    The dismissal of a fine journalist’s investigation by an obviously monumental lightweight such as you, means nothing.

    ‘Assertions presented without supporting data, may be dismissed without supporting data’.

    Consider yourself dismissed.

  22. Kevin Herbert


    on behalf of all Crikey posters, get well soon!!!!

  23. drmick

    Can we nominate a blogger as arsehat of the year? A site such as this attracts loonies like a drug company antipsychotic taste testing day in kings cross.

    The aggressively stupid, the obtusely ignorant and the psychotically lonely all shadow box in the ether with the rest of the trolls, while the rest of us dont care; and more importantly; dont feed them.

    Merry Christmas to the believers; and happy holidays to the agnostics and sundry others exploiting the holidays.

  24. Kevin Herbert

    Julia Baird & Venice Alstergren:

    There’s no doubting that Malala Yousafzai is a very impressive young girl.

    However, that said, her story is yet another example of US State Department warmongering propaganda in full flight..the kind where these US criminal invaders promoted to their supplicant MSM stooges globally, the nose of a female Afghan being cut off by a jilted older suitor, as implicit justification for the illegal invasion of a country, and the summary murder of hundreds of thousands of its innocent inhabitants, including tens of thousands of children. Do you agree with that justification?

    The Malala story is exactly the same scenario.

    For as long as the murderer Obama ulitises his death list & murders not only the illegally defined targets, but also dozens of innocents surrounding the targets, the Malala story is rank propaganda of which Goebbels would’ve been proud.

    It surely is a sick world we live in…but unlike the pre-internet days, at least we now know just how sick it really is.

  25. michael r james

    @drmick at 2:04 pm

    Exactly. And funny how they cannot even manage to spell their intended target’s names correctly. (Or is it a deliberate or subconscious insult?)

    I liked the introductory line in John Birmingham’s (aka Blunt Instrument) piece today:

    ‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the site, the munters and trolls were abed for the night.’

  26. LWW305

    Kevin “How about a more democratic call for nominations by Crikey subscribers”
    Most of the contributors here don’t seem to be impressed with the democratic process.

  27. LWW305

    I like the ones with sex appeal and it looks like the voters agreed.

  28. Itsarort

    Kevin: this type of statistical analysis is not actually very sound. This is what we call in Australia as ‘taking the piss’. Relax mate, kick-back and have a laugh…

  29. Steven Cutts

    When democracy becomes a ruse for tyranny then it becomes a “demon -ocracy”.

    ..eg, the uninformed call for Myanmar ( Burma ) to become a democracy. The world MSM and US state dept then throw their weight behind Aung San Suu Kyi as a beacon of democracy and equal rights.

    Before you can even blink they embrace a Reserve banking sytem, float their currency, remove all trade tariffs, have unrestricted foreign ownership of property and in move the realestate agents who ensure the locals become homeless.

    All the above = democratic and financial slavery. Instead of a more free hand to mouth existence with no financial debt and traditional land ownership, they are absorbed into a system of financial indebtedness. That’s demonocracy. Everyone eyes wide shut.

  30. Lawrence Norton

    unfortunately Ms Yousafzai is a prime example of the peripatetic cycles of media and therefore public attention. Mr Snowden is the new “fashion”. It is, to some an amusing diversion to vote electronically for “person of the year” if not a whim. Should we be using our voice to “vote” on how we want to vote for our representatives considering how the senate vote can be manipulated to elect disproportionate power to a few with the money and cunning to subvert democracy? Instead of voting for POY and AOY why don’t we vote for person who did most to further or hinder Democracy, fairness and the rule of Law? Maybe Mr Snowden did contribute to this! I would nominate R Murdoch as a far more dangerous enemy of democracy than Daffy Bronwyn.

  31. Kevin Herbert

    Lawrence Norton:

    I agree re R Murdoch.

    He should win the ‘Trotskyite of the Year Award’ for the which the prize is 7 days of waterboarding.

  32. John Taylor

    Hey Kevin. Do you need a hug?

  33. Kevin Herbert

    John Taylor:

    Such an insightful contribution.

    Is that really all you have to offer?

  34. Joe Fitzpatrick

    “We all have to pay for Labor’s spending.”

    Ooops, meant the poor have to pay so we don’t tax the rich.

  35. Whistleblower

    The result of placing Campbell Newman ahead of Assad is an indication of the myopic, narrow minded, latte-sipping, and self absorbed chardonnay socialists that seem to constitute the majority of Crikey subscribers.

    Self absorbed “civil rights” activists who feel that allowing bikies to run rampant is a sign of mature civil society are in a small but vocal minority.

    I have no sympathy for Assad, but look at the bunch of Islamist fascists that are opposing him.

    Campbell Newman by contrast is prepared to restrict civil liberties of offensive criminals, but even worse he’s dismantling the social welfare systems funded by borrowings so beloved of chardonnay socialists. With a bit of luck he might also get the trains to run on time.

  36. drmick

    Might have to have a fascist of the year section next year Crikey; for both bloggers and politicians.

  37. green-orange

    Wot no Miley Cyrus ?

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