Dec 19, 2013

Wilson to battle his own ideology in rights factory

Tim Wilson battles his own ideological demons in accepting a job at the Australian Human Rights Commission. But for all the controversy, he'll probably have very little impact.

Guy Rundle — Correspondent-at-large

Guy Rundle


Boy oh boy, to be a fly on the wall at any future commissioners’ meeting of the Australian Human Rights Commission. That is going to be fun. There he’ll be, Tim Wilson, grinning perhaps like that insane headshot he has — looking like the guy who didn’t get the job as the pilot in the Flight Centre ads* — and ranged against him six other commissioners, able human rights warriors (and Tim Souphomassamme), each with their own field, from indigenous human rights through children’s rights, disability, gender and sexual discrimination and orientation, etc. Each of these areas are immensely complex fields, developed over decades of policy and legal practice. Attorney-General George Brandis has appointed Wilson — a man with no significant legal-bureaucratic experience, unless you count running a “unit” in the Magic Faraway Tree Institute of Public Affairs — to “rebalance its priorities”. Rebalance is right. Wilson will spend most of his time working out which way is up.


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15 thoughts on “Wilson to battle his own ideology in rights factory

  1. Dajopa

    “That” was “painful” to “read”. I “think” Guy should “put” the “cue” in the “rack” for the “rest” of the “year”.

  2. Richard

    au contraire dajopa, that was gold.

  3. zut alors

    The Flight Centre crack is one of your best for 2013, GR. It’s a pity Wilson didn’t score the pilot gig, it may have taken him out of the running for this less appropriate role.

    I’m asking Santa to bring us a human rights debate between Geoffrey Robertson & Tim Wilson.

  4. David Coady

    Classical liberalism should not be conflated with libertarianism. Classical liberals like Adam Smith did not believe in unregulated markets or small government. The idea that they did is simply a myth. This is a nice piece on the topic by Corey Robin.

    I think it’s also a mistake to attribute any kind of ideology to Tim Wilson. The man is simply a muppet.

  5. tonysee

    It’s another head scratching move by this government that appears to have no thought-out strategy. Maybe the genius of the move will be appreciated in time …

  6. mikeb

    “He is the high school yearbook photo of a man later in the news for being shot by his own men in Iraq.” Doug Neidermeyer had a similar fate in Vietnam.

  7. Dajopa

    Guy’s criticisms, like most of his ilk, echo that old macho lefty (SWP) homophobia.

  8. klewso

    The “Independent Pimping Authority”?

    Of course this government has a strategy – “To load all the bases they can” with their players – to Con-troll outcomes.

  9. shepherdmarilyn

    Little Timmy seems to think he is there to serve the guv’mint, he is there to serve the public who might make complaints, he also thinks he will have the right to make laws and he won’t.

    He will just be a dry dill pickle in the corner with nothing to say.

  10. Buddy

    @Dajopa.. Nope im pretty darn positive the criticism being levelld at Tim Wilson has no one single thing to do with his sexual preference.. And everything to do with his ideology. As a proud member of the LGBTI community i am coming in to squash your ridiculous notion of homphombia being at play here..

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