Dec 19, 2013

Razer’s class warfare: the 10 worst protests of 2013

Just shut up with your stupid protests against lingerie football, poor old Snoop Dogg and the liberation of brown women from their oppressors. Your protests are worse than ineffective; they're actually making things worse. Stop.

Helen Razer ā€” Writer and broadcaster

Helen Razer

Writer and broadcaster

Once, genuinely stupid protest was the domain of the Right. Ultra-conservatives outshot their soft-centrist foes by 10 to one with demands to shut down mosques and universities lest they manufacture thought and worship. But this year, Left and Right met between the trenches to perform a synchronised Culture War Dance that might be distressing were it not quite so poorly performed.

Nowhere better was this pas de deux of Right with Wrong Liberalism seen than in our first nominee …

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6 thoughts on “Razer’s class warfare: the 10 worst protests of 2013

  1. Powerfox junior

    Not normally a card-carrying Razor fan. But this piece is spot on. Happy Christmas, Helen!

  2. Ross Carnsew

    Cheer up Helen. Your pin up girl (sorry, woman) Sophie Mirabella is back on the public pay role.Yaaaay…..

  3. klewso

    How can anyone in The Razer Gang argue with No 1!

  4. Hunted Snark

    Number five – I’d missed that (though, to be honest, I’d missed misogynistmoisturizergate too)- did they not read the fine print? – did they not think it through? Are they a subsidiary of Time now? – just, as you put it, – what???

  5. JamesH

    Dear Helen,
    China favours the use of the death sentence over imprisonment for (alleged) crimes so that the organs of the executed prisoner can be used (that is, sold on the black market) for transplant.

    Given that you are such a fan of the death penalty, ignorance about what you’re mocking, and other right-wing-populist causes, perhaps you would consider campaigning for Craig Kelly’s re-election next time around? ( I’m sure the two of you would click.

  6. Polly Valentine

    What is it about Helen’s writing that encourages the fusspot compliment “spot on”?
    Anyway, jolly good show lassie, keep it up!

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