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Media briefs

Dec 19, 2013

Media briefs: Press Council v Tele ... Ashes sour grapes ... Indian faux pas ...

Correction(s) of the day. Lots to choose from in corrections in today's Age and Sydney Morning Herald. But Crikey's favourite is this beetl


Correction(s) of the day. Lots to choose from in corrections in today’s Age and Sydney Morning Herald. But Crikey‘s favourite is this beetle mix-up, from this morning’s SMH

SMH Corrections

The original beetle photo is below. How could they have got it so wrong?


We’d also like to know how an increase of $541 million became a decrease of $2 billion in The Age

The Age correction

Meanwhile, the Press Council has taken The Daily Telegraph to task for a June article entitled “Extreme danger — How elite police stopped heavily armed Muslims from hit on armoured van”. The Press Council upheld the complaint that the headline’s emphasis of the would-be thieves’ religion was gratuitous but references in the story itself were not.

Taking the job too seriously? December 5, 2013 — Long Walk To Freedom premieres in UK cinemas. Celebrity deaths that day? Nelson Mandela. December 17, 2013 — new drama The Great Train Robbery premieres on BBC1. Celebrity deaths that morning? Ronnie Biggs. Somewhere in the UK, there is a publicist who is very committed. — Guy Rundle

Pouring water on the Ashes. England’s Daily Mail has four clear pages of “Ashes Inquest” today, detailing what went wrong and why and how. But the main story on Australia’s Ashes victory seems like a pretty clear case of sour grapes …


Front page of the day. The Times of India is (understandably) irate that Indian diplomat Devyani Khobragade was handcuffed and strip-searched in the US last week on suspicion of visa fraud …

Times of India


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2 thoughts on “Media briefs: Press Council v Tele … Ashes sour grapes … Indian faux pas …

  1. klewso

    Congratulations to our “Yobs” for winning back the Ashes – now we can put ’em in a mug?

  2. Kevin_T

    You didn’t link to the article, but on it’s own the headline is not necessarily sour grapes. The point could be that rather than killing a heap of English cricket careers, take into account that the Australian team players who won this series, had lost the previous series and built up their game in the interim.


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