Dec 19, 2013

Crikey Awards: does any title deserve to be newspaper of the year?

It's slim-pickings in the Crikey title of newspaper of the year. But the ABC stood out, along with some smart print columnists, while the fall from grace for Kim Williams was hard.

Matthew Knott

Former Crikey media reporter

We’ve handed out the gongs for politics and business, now to the people and publications who reported on it. In a tumultuous year, we present the shining lights from the fourth estate — and those who need to lift their game …

Newspaper of the year: Herald Sun

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10 thoughts on “Crikey Awards: does any title deserve to be newspaper of the year?

  1. drovers cat

    You continually refer to Brisbane as a one-paper town, yet acknowledge the online-only Guardian as a player.
    Fairfax’s online-only Brisbane Times has been doing a far better job holding the Newman “government” to account than the Curious. And it shares the Smage fed/op-ed stories so we’re not totally isolated up ‘ere

  2. klewso

    “Australian msm media”? It’s become a parlous game?

  3. Doug

    No comment on other Capital papers? Canberra Times, Hobart Mercury, NT News?

  4. (the other) HR Nicholls

    Should’ve pulled the old Wheels magazine trick and withheld the newspaper of the year award. All too driven by their own agendas and peccadilloes.

  5. Brendan Jones

    Yes @drovers cat, Fairfax’s online Brisbane Times is doing a decent job.

    In the lead-up to the election they also arranged the Brisbane Political Forum which had a big showing.

    Kevin Rudd did a no show to his debate with Bill Glasson, sending Senator Claire Moore along instead. The trouble was they got along famously, so it ended up looking like she endorsed him.

    At another session Brisbane Times’s editor Simon Holt let me ask a question on the endemic corruption in the Commonwealth public service. But none of the candidates had heard anything about it. The Labor candidate asked if it was happening, why wasn’t there anything in the papers? (A: Because the SMH mysteriously dropped it: + + )

    This year Brisbane Times also mourned the passing of Bob Menzies. Again.

  6. klewso

    How can you rate Sales above Jones (Tony – not Gloria) and Cannane, for starters, neither of whom wears their political labels outside, for the world to see?
    They exhibit far more “journalistic professionalism” in being able to control their opinions and prejudices.

  7. mark hipgrave

    Pleased to see Chris Kenny’s gong, especially after he outed himself last Saturday as a ‘humour’ writer in his attack on ABC journalists for not knowing/caring about the cost of electricity. But that wasn’t really necessary. I twigged that he’d been given the comedy gig a few weeks earlier when he wrote a column criticising the lack of ethics displayed by Guardian and ABC journalists over the Snowdon/Indonesian spying revelations. A News Ltd journo lecturing others about media ethics. Now that’s really funny!

  8. Brendan Jones

    Never understood the media’s obsession with “insiders”. Insiders provide PR, spin and official leaks advancing the government’s agenda. In one CIJ study Crikey reported a whopping 55-70% of articles were PR (looking at you, beat journalists).

    Pulitzer Prize winner Seymour Hersh said journalists need to get back to the fundamental job of being an outsider.

    Suggest Barry Cassidy shuffle the deckchairs on ABC “Insiders” and change the name to “Outsiders.”

  9. paddy

    A day late to this, but ranking Leigh Sales ahead of Emma Alberici ???
    Utter nonsense.

  10. tonyfunnywalker

    Can someone explain why the Age (paper edition) in Adelaide has very limited distribution and a 50% surcharge when you run a copy to ground. Is News Ltd protecting its monopoly is that it??? Crikey should have a biggest non news awards for advertorials not journalism. Brendan Jones’comment is a puzzle as the ABC cannot accept advertorials unlike its commercial stable mates. Simlarly Crikey have a blooper interview of the year and Fox News had some beauties.

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