Dec 17, 2013

Essential: government avoids fallout from Holden

Voters appear resigned to the fate of Holden and don't blame the government for it -- and Greens voters appear the most economically rationalist on the issue, Essential Research has found.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor


Voters support assistance for Qantas and Toyota but appear resigned to seeing Holden wind up and don’t blame the government for it, new polling from Essential Research finds. Essential found 45% of voters support greater subsidies to keep General Motors operating Holden in Australia, but 42% opposed them. That's despite 60% of voters believing it’s important that Australia has a car manufacturing industry.

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6 thoughts on “Essential: government avoids fallout from Holden

  1. Paul White

    Dear Bernard,

    May I suggest you stop quoting Essentials Polling results.

    As of today the 17 Dec. 2013 Essential has the 2 party preferred federal poll as 49% for Labor and 51% for LNP.

    Newspoll, Morgan Poll, ReachTel, and the Nielsen Poll all have Labor at 52% and LNP at 48%.

    This indicates to me that Essential is off the mark and needs to lift it’s game.


  2. CML

    Agree with Paul. Where I come from (SA), every man and his dog thinks the feds should have supported Holden with real money, and they absolutely blame Abbott and his motley crew for Holden pulling out of Australia. I’ll take a bet, it’s not any different in Victoria.
    Bernard – your report doesn’t make sense. In the second paragraph it says that more people (45%) supported subsidies to Holden than did not (42%). And 60% said we should have a car industry in Oz. How can you say that most people are resigned to their fate when the numbers don’t support your point of view? That is just crazy stuff!

  3. CML

    And who cares what the (mostly) tertiary educated Green supporters/voters think? Most of them need to do an honest days work and get their hands dirty for a change.
    Elitist bull*hit!

  4. krzystoff

    The unions have stuffed Holdenwoo, and GM vultures are picking the bones. There’s no value in pouring more money into it, for the first time MrRabbott has made a sensible decision, but the future is grim for the rest of the industry.

  5. Itsarort

    Last time I looked, the company in question was called GM Holden. The trouble with propping-up this company, even with checks and balances, is that the money WILL simply be siphoned off to Detroit. Australia needs a manufacturing sector based around sustainable transport however, the current government has, as always, no ideas.

  6. MJPC

    Itsarort, I agree. One canm be critical of the Government not supporting workers but not if they support the US economy where the profits go. If we want an Australian car industry lets create a truly sustainable industry- electric fuel cells power, carbon fibre bodies. That will never happen as all governments have the vision of a mole on such technical issues; revolution now.

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