Dec 16, 2013

Crikey Awards: in a year of incompetence, Abbott was the best

It's been a Melbourne Cup field for incompetence this year in politics, but Crikey has spotted those who have managed to stand out from the pack. None more than the Prime Minister.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

Most years, deciding which frontbenchers have performed best and worst isn’t too difficult. But 2013 poses particular problems, not merely because there’s been both numerous reshuffles and a change of government, but because the new government has stumbled badly since getting into office, meaning there’s a Melbourne Cup field of incompetence to choose from — either from Labor, which lost office, or from the Coalition, which has made every post a loser in its first 100 days. But here goes …

Most effective minister: Jenny Macklin

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37 thoughts on “Crikey Awards: in a year of incompetence, Abbott was the best

  1. Tamas Calderwood

    “a symbol of everything that was screwed up about the political and economic systems that led to massive climate change.”

    …but…but… There hasn’t been any “massive climate change”. Just 0.8c warming in 150 years and none in the past 15! We’re saved!

  2. paddy

    LOL It’s obviously time you had a holiday Bernard.
    I suppose Tony’s got to be the pyrrhic victor this year.
    But awarding Abbott politician of the year, is a bit like awarding a goldfish, the prize for leaping the greatest distance out of the fishtank. The poor botoxed numpty appears to be in terminal trouble after a mere 100 days.

    BTW Agree with your choice of Greg Hunt. But you’ve short changed him on stuff ups. He also trashed the previous Govts marine park boundaries last Friday at 5.00pm

  3. klewso

    Poor Mrs Penberthy – you know what this award means don’t you?

  4. drmick

    Unbelievable rubbish. Paddy, its worse than that; its like giving an ar5e a prize for farting.
    The shite joke that is his “political skill” is called “peta credlin”. He has no credibility and no particular skill beyond negativity, destruction and fanatical devotion to the genie with a bottle problem and the church.

  5. Anne M F

    I suppose Abbott has been the most talked-about of the Liberal party politicians and they did win the election so perhaps he does deserve the award. I had hoped this would be an amusing piece but sadly it is all too true.

  6. Yclept

    Hmmm… Politician of the year… really? I suppose in the sense that the word politician now means hypocrite, untrustworthy, arsehole and a litany of other descriptions then the Mad Monk romps it it in.

  7. cairns50

    so the politician of the year is tony abbott and you predict him to get his act together in 2014

    put your money where your pen is ill bet you 5000K he doesnt

  8. CML

    Absolutely outrageous, Crikey. Abbott as politician of the year? Only for those who are very cynical.
    One ly*ng, misogynistic, insincere, uncaring and arrogant bast*rd! Abbott is the last person who should receive ANY award.
    If we are now going to reward politicians for winning ‘the big prize’ without any regard for the way they did it, then we are just as bad as they are. If this particular cap fits, you can wear it, Crikey!
    I am disgusted with your choice!!!

  9. botanista

    It’s always nice when the comments are led off by the regular stand-up comic. Though I think I’ve heard that one before.

    And coming after a lead story that gives Misterabbott a politician of the year award,! Oh I laughed till I cried, then cried some more and poured a very early G&T. Damn hot today.

  10. Tyler T

    when has abbott ever changed his political approach one iota in the last 4 years what a farce Bernard

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