Western Australia

Dec 12, 2013

Return of the chair sniffer? How Barnett screwed it up so badly

Colin Barnett rose from the political ashes to win the WA state election by a landslide, but now he's facing a leadership spill against him. Perth journalist Tim Oliver asks: how did it all go wrong?

One political observer in Western Australia predicts a leadership spill for premier “within months, if not weeks”. There seems to be general consensus among the West’s political commentators that Colin Barnett (pictured) won’t make it to the next election.


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3 thoughts on “Return of the chair sniffer? How Barnett screwed it up so badly

  1. Richard

    Interesting piece on a state that doesn’t get much attention from Crikey. Thanks.

  2. The Pav

    Dear Tim

    You may be right in stating that Buswell is the one most able to take over from Barnett but this is only because of the absolute paucity of talent. This is a major problem for Barnett as it results in the few memebers of his Govt that can walk & chew gum at the same time being horrendously overworked.

    Buswell seems to live a charmed existence whereby he is regarded as talented but flawed.

    Cloe examination reveals a facile intelligence that quickly enables him to have a superficial grasp of the topic and speak glibly.

    His performace actually reveals this lack of depth thus he is not talented buit flawed but very average ( personable tho’) glib but very flawed.

    It is the usual case that once a perception is in place nobody challenges it

    It is time to say the emperor ( Buswell nor Barnett) has no clothes

    Barnett is actually not that bad just become arrogant & impatient with a desire to live a hertiage of capital works. That his colleagues are so supine has allowed him to run rough shod and poor govt is the result.

    Barnett’s performance is typical of LNP. Much talk of being good managers which is at odds with the reality

  3. Prefix

    Frustratingly, WA Labor actually has some depth of talent (relatively speaking of course). But fixed terms mean we’re stuck with this bunch of non-entities until 2017.

    Hilariously, I read in the local paper (an accident, I promise) the other day that the Subiaco mayor and a bunch of councillors have formed a ‘working group’ to try to keep Subi Oval and prevent the new stadium being developed in Burswood. Even though Barnett made the Burswood decision years ago, and work has begun at Burswood. And oddly enough, I don’t recall any of these councillors (most of whom are probably life-long Liberal voters) ever saying a single thing to help out Labor at the March election, despite the fact that building the new stadium at Subi was a key part of the ALP platform.

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