Dec 12, 2013

Olympic Dam pipe dream no help for Holden workers

Tony Abbott declaring that sacked Holden workers can re-train and find themselves a job at Olympic Dam shows just how out of touch this government is.

Paddy Manning

Crikey business editor

The cargo cult mentality surrounding BHP Billiton’s Olympic Dam mine is ridiculous.

Now Prime Minister Tony Abbott seems to be hoping a BHP expansion of the copper/gold/uranium mine will help clean up the damage caused by the government’s bizarre mis-handling of HoldenAbbott told Parliament on Wednesday:

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11 thoughts on “Olympic Dam pipe dream no help for Holden workers

  1. zut alors

    Here’s a tip-off to the Coalition: there are already skilled workers on wait lists for jobs in the mining industry.

    It says much about Abbott’s guile that he assured Holden workers they will be saved from the jaws of penury by employment in an isolated area far from their familiar patch…in non-existent jobs on a project which has been shelved. His gall is breathtaking.

  2. Coaltopia

    As someone elegantly put it: Let them eat yellowcake!

  3. Bo Gainsbourg

    So this is the strategy? Screw the manufacturing sector, undermine industrial relations system, then drive the rest of Australia to look for work in mines that employ less than 2% of the population under peak boom conditions? News flash to coalition. You may be all miners or North Shore doctors and lawyers…but there is the rest of the country to think of.

  4. Pedantic, Balwyn

    Paddy Manning has nailed one of Abbott’s ridiculous attempts to fabricate opportunities for redundant Holden workers.
    On AM this morning Abbott claimed that all Mitsubishi workers had found jobs, ignoring the official 13.5% unemployment rate in SA and the many older workers who have simply given up looking for work in Adelaide.
    Abbott said that there was the opportunity for new industries in SA, completely disregarding the fact that it cost’s a lot to start a new industry than support one that had sound long term prospects as the dollar declined.
    I am not sure about Paddy’s cargo cult claim, but there is a cult of economic unreality about this Opposition Government that anything Labor supported they will destroy whatever the cost.

  5. Bill Hilliger

    Abbott the workers best fiend.

  6. Salamander

    Of course Abbott has no plan. What evidence was there ever that he had? His election was achieved by verbal abuse – Murdoch et al told lies to promote corporate hegemony and pulled a swifty on the sheep.
    Sorry to go on, but the rest follows. Getting rid of Labor was the only aim. Showing the workers the door is the object lesson – you people are factory fodder, and the factory has closed. Just lie down and die in front of Foxtel or drown yourselves and leave us to our profits. We have obedient robots and don’t need you any more.
    As another blogger here likes to intone, Revolution Now!
    Better late than never (it’d better be).

  7. Peter Bayley

    Tony’s election-night slogan was apparently misquoted: It should have read: ‘OPIN’ FOR BUSINESS. Another area of Australian life scrubbed squeaky-clean of any semblance of a Coalition Policy.

  8. MJPC

    Thank you Paddy and all who have written here. The mark of a good government if how they perform under pressure, et al the Rudd government during the GFC contrary to the neigh sayers in the LNP; by the way what would have been their solution in light of this debacle?
    Our PM is chicken little, running about calling carbon tax to every problem confronting the Australian economy, apart from the environmental issues he has no policy on. I heard his speeech where he mentioned that Mining is the savour of everyone unemployed as a result of his lack of policies. Then he mentioned such sunshine industries as medical technologies; with their lack of support for the TAFE system and cuts everywhere all I can see are rulers and serfs in his vision for this country.

  9. MJPC

    P.S: Revolution now more than ever!

  10. Malcolm Street

    Peter Bayley – they can’t even say that after the Graincorp decision. They’re totally out of their depth.

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