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Dec 11, 2013

Media briefs: Devine says sorry … BBC on Mandela … Post wrap …

Miranda Devine is happy to lay the blame for most things at environmentalists' feet, but rape is a bit far, even for her. Plus other media snippets of the day.

Greenies and rape: Devine’s WTF. Miranda Devine may have hit a new low in The Daily Telegraph today. In her new column, Devine blames carbon activism for … wait for it … rape. She points to the rape of a Belgian tourist in a dark alley in Potts Point a few weeks ago, saying it might not have happened if the area were better lighted. That may well be true, as Devine points out there is a single streetlamp in the alley, and a tree blocks its light. But then she makes the completely nonsensical leap that “[t]he big worry is that Sydney’s dim lighting will fade even more, thanks to Lord Mayor Clover Moore’s jihad against ‘carbon pollution'”.


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5 thoughts on “Media briefs: Devine says sorry … BBC on Mandela … Post wrap …

  1. Roger Clifton

    >”a single streetlamp in the alley, and a tree blocks its light”

    At least she didnt demand the tree be chopped down.

  2. klewso

    Who says Conservatives can’t do irony …. maybe not “on purpose”…?

  3. Thomas McLoughlin

    Just google Miranda Devine and ‘pool fencing law’ or ‘nanny state’. You will get SMH articles for 2009 (two at least). She struck a blow for ‘freedom’ in 2009 crusading against tighter pool fencing laws designed to further protect toddlers from drowning.

    Raising the question how many toddlers drowned since then as a result of the influence of her articles? Hopefully none.

    But not for the want of trying by Devine, who back then railed against the “nanny state” ever being able to make the world “safe”.

    Back then it was grotesque non sequiturs against the incumbent NSW and federal Labor incumbents.

    Today against indy Clover Moore. Devineapparently puts the “evil” in Murdoch tabloid. The fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree. Frank was a moral car wreck too.

  4. Enquvist

    Thomas Miranda is a paid mouth piece that is all. She probably doesn’t even know what her own true opinions are. Think of her as a stormtrooper who reports back to Darth. Bolt is the same. As will be Tony Abbott quite soon.

  5. peterh_oz

    “The Post was moved to a weekly publication back in January of last week”

    Last year maybe? 😉

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