Dec 11, 2013


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21 thoughts on “Australia has World’s Best Practice Childcare and Sharks

  1. ernmalleyscat

    A little vegan Quinn-Noah. Best name yet and it will happen.

  2. zut alors

    Uncle Tony’s Mean Idiot Flakes – brilliant. It looks like his colleagues have already gorged themselves on them. In fact the Speaker has actually transmogrified into one.

    Outstanding cartoonery, Mr Dog.

  3. paddy

    Having received my *magnificent* FDOTM calendar in the post today. YAY!
    I’m now feeling deprived, because I didn’t get a complimentary packet of
    “Mean Idiot Flakes” to go with it.
    (Definitely worth speaking to FD marketing about a fertile field for profiteering there.)

  4. klewso

    Pass the Froot Rupes….

  5. SusieQ

    Nap time – I think Tony and Co are hoping thats what we’ll do through to the next election, so we won’t notice anything.

  6. ianjohnno

    Be careful of World’s Best Practice.
    Often it is just a race to the bottom where customers will just tolerate the product/service.

  7. Plonkoclock

    I blame the Coles/ Woolworths duopoly that I can’t buy Idiot Fruit Loops in Godzone

  8. Plonkoclock

    Especially the new ones with added [email protected]@rd! Gold, FD!

  9. drovers cat

    Glad to see it was Mean Idiot Flakes, not Flake – that would truly be circular.

    One of your best, dog#1 – I have spread it far and wide among colleagues who will all rush to subscribe to crikey

  10. drmick

    Firsty; his first job was to take our scabby 1 dollar a day back from aged care workers, and gave it to the nursing home owners and shareholders; He then took away our superannuation benefit to give it to rich superannuates; he then attacks poor child care workers and wants to give their money to his friends who own “education” shop-fronts. He tried to take education money away from public schools and give it to private schools. Do you think there is a pattern emerging here?
    I might be wrong but it looks like he hates us in aged care worse than anyone else; including the poor. If the meek are to inherit the earth it wont be while mean as a rats abbut and his anti-robin hoodlums are running the show.

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