Do smarter people drink more? As the annual end-of-year wowserish warnings about the evils of alcohol reach a crescendo, it’s thrilling to discover new scientific evidence that people who drink are, in fact, smarter. A reporter at American magazine The New Republic has amassed real, scientific research to show a positive correlation between intelligence and alcohol consumption. For instance, researchers at the London School of Economics have found a link between educational attainment and daily drinking, especially for women.

Female university graduates were 86% more likely than women who hadn’t finished high school to admit to drinking on most days. But it’s not just those boozy Brits -- according to the United States Department of Health, rates of alcohol consumption rise with education level, with 68.4% of college graduates describing themselves as drinkers, compared with 35% of adults without a high school diploma. In addition, researchers in Finland have discovered a strong correlation between early talking and drinking. After looking at data on 3000 sets of twins, they found that the twin who was the first to develop verbal ability also tended to be the first to try alcohol.