Free marketeers guarantee a ruinous future

Crikey readers have their say on bailing out Holden, dealing with bogans and more.

Fear the bogan revolution

Richard Davoren writes:  Re. “Bogans delight in pig-ignorance” (Friday). Mathew Cummins is spot on in his comments about the futility of attempting to educate bogans. I need to stress though, that Tasmanian bogans represent the gold standard, and we want to keep them on top! The new federal member for Lyons Eric Hutchinson is currently undertaking a survey around his electorate to determine the level of interest in the ABC and SBS and asking  people if they watch these channels. Initially I assumed that the Liberals were keen to dismantle the ABC because it removes one layer from their shroud of secrecy. Now I am not sure. Like education, being informed is a pathway to greater understanding and that is something that the Liberals might not want as an outcome.

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One thought on “Free marketeers guarantee a ruinous future

  1. Warren Joffe

    OMG – isn’t it a sign of insanity that someone takes anything Pilger argues seriously? Or maybe, given that he’s a kind of low rent low IQ version of Noam Chomsky it is the pretentious and rather thick who can’t see through him and his arguments. A treaty! Who is going to make a treaty which is worth any respect logically, verbally, philosophically, legally or, not least, for what it can do for the hundreds of different groups of people only about a quarter of whom have even any plausible direct descent from those who lived a healthy (by the standards of pre-history) and cognitively quite demanding life as illiterate hunter gatherers, but who are now totally deracinated dysfunctional welfare recipients?

    The fantasists who set back Aborigines even further in the 1970s should be allowed to hide their heads in shame and a program, with proper emphasis on Aboriginal women, that is directed hardheadedly to bringing fringe-dwellers into the modern world and a modern economy concentrated on to the exclusion of all fantasies such as Pilger’s nonsense.

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