The war on whistleblowers — it’s come to Australia

The tactics of the Obama administration's war on whistleblowers and journalists have now been openly deployed in Australia. The Coalition government is on the attack.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

To the extent that it hadn’t before, the war on whistleblowers and journalists that has been waged in the United States and the United Kingdom for the past several years has now been opened in Australia in the past 24 hours.

The Prime Minister’s attack yesterday on the ABC, Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s unusual direct intervention with the ABC managing director Mark Scott, the smear campaign directed at Scott and The Guardian by loyalist media and then the remarkable news that ASIO had raided a Canberra lawyer’s office to seize information relating to an action brought by Timor-Leste in the International Court of Justice, are all profoundly concerning and all very familiar.

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32 thoughts on “The war on whistleblowers — it’s come to Australia

  1. PDGFD1

    Thank you Bernard, abundantly clear.

  2. Yclept

    Abbott is an absolute disgrace and Turnbull is showing himself as not much better. How did these buffoons steal power????

  3. Daly

    They told lies and comtinue to lie about the lies.
    Bernard understands how government works and constantly educates his readers. News Ltd and particularly the LibNats work at confusing their readers so that it all seems chaotic, etc etc.
    Christopher Pyne’s email to followers explaining the latest education funding (last night, or has it been superseded?) was a master lessonminmthis sort of obfuscation. Every sentence was a lie but only if you understood how things work. If not it could be read as reasonable! Creative writing of fiction, immediately broadcast by compliant press tv and radio.
    Thanks again Bernard.

  4. leon knight

    Good on Crikey and the ABC for holding the spotlight on these shonky behaviours – we should not allow Stasi methods to sneak in by stealth.
    I can’t see how this latest move by Brandis will turn out well for the LNP.

  5. zut alors

    Spot on Bernard.

    Malcolm has forgotten his ministerial manners – what a disappointment he has proven to be.

  6. Bronwyn

    It would be a public service for Crikey to lift the paywall on this.

    Downer’s role as lobbyist for Woodside also rates mention.

    What an appalling episode.

  7. Sharkie

    Thank you Bernard. Spot on.
    And no doubt the hacks at New Limited and 2GB will start to beat the “national security” drum while dreaming up wacky conspiracy about the ABC and anyone else who questions the actions of Brandis and Abbott.
    The coincidence line (that the raids and passport confiscation have nothing to do with the trial in the hague) is farcical. This country desperately needs media people to call BS on Brandis and Abbott. Why the ALP has gone all meek on this matter is beyond me.

  8. klewso

    “Buggery in the National Interest”?

  9. klewso

    What we’ve lost in the name of someone else’s self-serving definition of “Fighting Terror”?

  10. klewso

    So “Howard Ink, wanted to screw Timor of it’s inheritance to benefit an oil company, paying taxes”? What’s wrong with that? It seems perfectly all Right to lots?

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