Dec 3, 2013

The ABC v the Murdochs: your guide to the battlefields

The ABC and the Murdoch family are competing in a number of media, and the ABC keeps winning. That's why News Corp is attacking the ABC, Glenn Dyer and Bernard Keane write.

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News Corporation and its management have no idea where their obligations as a media organisation and the interests of the controlling Murdoch clan start and finish. Distinguishing them is an impossible task for the people at Holt Street in Sydney.


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29 thoughts on “The ABC v the Murdochs: your guide to the battlefields

  1. mikeb

    There is an argument for the ABC charter to exclude providing content that is provided by Commercials. That would leave the ABC with regional and possibly national news, rural & regional radio, specialist TV and Radio (e.g. children, education, arts & culture etc). This would of course leave the ABC with vastly fewer audiences and presumable a vastly smaller budget. It would also lead to claims from vested interests that the ABC had lost relevance with content that few actually wanted to consume. It would be a win/win for the commercials and a lose/lose for the Australian public.

  2. zut alors

    mikeb, the Australian taxpayer simply wouldn’t wear it.

    See how easily alarmed the Abbott government became once they realised their non-Gonski stance was copping major flack. I doubt they’d dare take on the ABC – although stacking of the Board is guaranteed.

  3. mikeb

    @zut. They’ve stacked the board before. Donald McD was a close friend of JWH and he became a staunch defender of the ABC. The current MD Scott is an ex Liberal staffer also appointed by JWH. Have a look at the board over the last 20 years and you’ll see a prominence of conservatives. TA will undoubtedly do more of the same, but short of appointing Murdoch himself as chairman I can’t see the status quo changing. Board members do tend to take their jobs seriously, & I suspect that seeing first hand the inner workings of the ABC many come to realise that things aren’t so crook after all.

  4. SusieQ

    Agree mikeb.Re stacking the board, well, Sophie Mirabella is free……

    Which of the commerical outlets would cover the rural areas the same way the ABC does? What would happen in times of an emergency, such as fires or floods? Bushfire coverage interrupted by ads?

  5. zut alors

    @ SusieQ: “Bushfire coverage interrupted by ads.”

    And promos for The Project or some godawful dreck called The Bachelor.

  6. mikeb

    “Hmm – that disturbing report from the bushfire scene”….

    “and now a word from our sponsors Get It Here insurance company. We take the heat out of insurance”.

  7. Steve777

    The ABC Board in a couple of years’ time: Maurice Newman, Piers Ackerman, Andrew Bolt, Sophie Mirabella, Greg Sheridan, Gerard Henderson, Peter Reith, …

    If the Libs are still in power in 2020 the ABC will have been broken up with the profitable bits sold off and the rest shut down.

  8. klewso

    It’s “Rupert’s way or no way”? He is a selfish old coot.

  9. Warren Joffe

    Like wars in faraway places, a boring subject after the first ten or twenty years. The Murdoch press has a legitimate gripe about the amount of competition it has to suffer from a taxpayer funded entity. And those of us who no longer identify with Fairfax Media attitudes – not least their whingeing correspondents – need someone to counter the mob of self interested apparatchik who can’t recognise how obvious their pursuit of their own self-interest is but grossly exaggerate the wickedness of others trying to make a buck in a competitive world.

  10. graybul

    @Joffe – Should we take your considered view to mean you support Murdock adding to his current 70% control of Australian Media? If so . . would also welcome your viewpoint on FOREIGN MAJORITY CONTROL of Australian Media?

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