Dec 3, 2013

Pyne blows himself, and the Gonski reforms, to pieces

Christopher Pyne has destroyed the Gonski school funding reforms and badly damaged the government with his bungling. So what drove this balls-up?

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

It’s bad when governments stuff up the politics of an issue. And it’s bad when they pursue poor policy. But the very worst political debacles are a combination of policy and political blunders. And Education Minister Christopher Pyne’s handling of schools funding is one for the ages. He’s single-handedly turned an ordinary start for the Abbott government — partly through no fault of its own — into a complete stuff-up. The government will either be defined by this, or learn from it and dramatically improve its performance.


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49 thoughts on “Pyne blows himself, and the Gonski reforms, to pieces

  1. Bort

    It’s easy to work out what is going on when you assume that Pyne is a certifiable loony.

  2. cordialsteve

    Great to have this analysis. Too confusing for ordinary people to keep up with the Abbott “backflips” trampoline.

  3. Joe Fitzpatrick

    They haven’t taken the (to use their fallback word) ‘hate’ to this level before though. It’s the ABC they’re after.

    Forget the talk about government funding, it’s about silencing the only MSM voice out there that remains objective.

    These are dangerous times.

  4. Elvis

    A first rate summary and commentary. Thanks.

  5. Hamis Hill

    The original authors of the term putting the “illegitimate” into “illegitimate government”.
    This what minority rule looks like.
    How many people did not vote “Liberal”?

  6. klewso

    “We better hope this disaster is a lesson for the government, rather than defines it.”?
    Now we’ve got Brancid and his ASIO raiding Collaery’s concerns – re Howard’s Foreign Minister Downer’s responsibility, “trying to short-change East Timor’s future, to the benefit of Australian companies(?)” – on the grounds of “security”?

  7. zut alors

    Now that Pyne has demonstrated his urgent need for trainer wheels we have Senator Brandis stepping into the spotlight. The entertainment is coming thick and fast, folks.

  8. Interrobanging On

    Yes, nailed it.

    But I have little hope that people will realise the problem is not solved and what is shows about the debased Liberal Party.

    Obviously, a lot of the media will not report or will be deceptive – it was startling, but not surprising, to see ABC Online leading with a “Pyne Delivers National System” headline to make him the hero.

    One can only hope it brings on the inevitable fatigue that eventually changes the key “middle” voters minds.

  9. Robyn White

    I believe Mr. “Wpyne” received education at Jesuit School in Adelaide. Unfortunately, his tinme was not well spent.

    “Jesuit education has always been world-affirming, encouraging a study of all reality and seeking to produce wisdom”.

    Something seriously went wrong.

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