Dec 3, 2013

Pyne blows himself, and the Gonski reforms, to pieces

Christopher Pyne has destroyed the Gonski school funding reforms and badly damaged the government with his bungling. So what drove this balls-up?

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

It’s bad when governments stuff up the politics of an issue. And it’s bad when they pursue poor policy. But the very worst political debacles are a combination of policy and political blunders. And Education Minister Christopher Pyne’s handling of schools funding is one for the ages. He’s single-handedly turned an ordinary start for the Abbott government — partly through no fault of its own — into a complete stuff-up. The government will either be defined by this, or learn from it and dramatically improve its performance.


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49 thoughts on “Pyne blows himself, and the Gonski reforms, to pieces

  1. lulu2503

    Actually, I hope it’s what defines this government — then perhaps all those who voted the Coalition in, will finally wake up to the truth – of how inept and devious this government is.

  2. Jimmy

    Great article completely nailed the issue – if it wsan’t for the fact that trashing this reform will have massive impacts for years to come I would actually enjoy the “adults” self inflicted wounds – hopefully they are fatal.

    Also of some joy is watching conservatives describe yeterday as a win for Abbott!

  3. klewso

    And now he and Abbott have been lying about lying.

  4. klewso

    To wage class warfare successfully, first you have to have some.

  5. botswana bob

    I suspect its genetic- Pyne, Phoney Tony and the other bottom feeders are hard wired to support the big end of town. So handing another wad of ca$h to rich private schools while screwing the riff-raff in State schools are what they are on about. Then again Pyne is a pompous self-important little wimp who may be the only pollie who struts sitting down. [I say “may’ as there is Brandis to consider]. He really thinks he is a rough tough tuff ruffie though he consistently comes across as a self important little under-achiever with a ticket on himself. As Disraeli put it- a self made man who worships his creator.

  6. paddy

    [So the first lesson should perhaps be not to wander, smirking, into a shed full of political dynamite and start lighting matches.]

    Cracker of a line Bernard. Rundle would be jealous.

    Also a bloody good summary of the whole train wreck.
    Best I’ve read anywhere. Kudos.

  7. Matthew of Canberra

    Just as long as we all agree that the promise was never broken in the first place …

    Can backflipping be considered an actual form of transport?

    And no, I don’t think they’re going to learn and grow. This is (IMHO) pretty standard first-term stuff. It’s not over yet, either. What they’ll learn to do, though, is be more careful about they say in future.

  8. klewso

    Too much arrogance their heads are full.

  9. MG99

    What a rabble! Unbelievable. It is not even three months since the election.
    The only way they will last the distance if they do zilch for the next three years and shut down Parliament as well.
    @kwelso To wage class warfare successfully, first you have to have some. A classic.

  10. Catherine M

    Excellent article. Thank you. It will be fascinating, and slightly sick making probably, to watch exactly what unfolds with this funding debacle. How soon will the first show of “poor form” appear?

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