Rupert Murdoch’s Twitter profile has polarised his followers -- but do his brash 140-characters-or-less posts signal the rise of "tweetorialising"? From US politics to climate change, the 82-year-old News Corp executive is remarkably uninhibited on social media. He’s also fairly prolific; since signing up on December 31, 2011, he’s tweeted a total of 1035 times (197 times so far this year). By far, Murdoch’s favourite topic of discussion is US politics, such as his most recent tweet, on the Obama administration's immigration policy, yesterday.

Of the 223 tweets he’s written since this time last year, around 9.5% are on politics in the States -- anywhere from President Barack Obama’s ("O’s") Middle East policy to the New York mayoral elections. He was particularly scathing about Obama’s failure to take immediate, military action in Syria: