Nov 20, 2013

Let there be boobs as Bonds complaints busted

The Advertising Standards Board has nipped complaints in the bud and will allow Bonds to use the word boobs in its advertising campaign for bras, writes SmartCompany editor Melinda Oliver.

Bonds boobs

Bonds has been cleared by the Advertising Standards Bureau for its new “Boobs” advertisement, which roused at least 15 complaints after it launched in October.


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13 thoughts on “Let there be boobs as Bonds complaints busted

  1. puddleduck

    It’s just vulgar. But then, so is Bonds taking all its manufacturing offshore but still trying to sell itself as dinky-di.

  2. avon cologne

    A storm in a D-cup?

  3. Jackson Harding

    Some people need to get a life, boobs is as Bonds and the Macquarie Dictionary states, in common usage.
    There is a lingerie shop on Sir Donald Bradman Drive in Adelaide called “The Booby Trap” I suppose the PC brigade will have to jump on the next flight to the City of Churches and picket them.

  4. Marnie Kennedy

    I’m sorry but I cannot wait for Bonds to do a similar campaign using the widely accepted colloquial word for penis, anyone who didn’t laugh out loud in their office when reading this complaint is a wowser:
    “I find using the terminology of ‘boobs’ to be very demeaning when used in advertising referring to the female body parts we know as breasts. It would be like having an advertisement for men’s underpants and calling attention to them by having a billboard with the word ‘dick’ on it and then changing it to men wearing the underpants and referring to the brand and dicks. This would not be acceptable or tolerated so why is it acceptable to use such demeaning words for women’s underwear that ‘Bonds’ feels so justified in using.”

  5. @Keening_Product

    I’m not complaining and pretty much agree with the ASB, but where is the line with colloquialisms? I can think of many swear words that could be described as colloquial.

  6. Ralph Douglas

    Pointless excercise complaining to the ABS, they are just as useless as the Press Council, anyone who buys Bonds stuff anyway has got a short memory since they told Oz to go to hell.

  7. zut alors

    Bonds says it was “quite deliberate” they chose the word. Too true. The advertising agency knew it would create awareness by generating controversy and debate. Just as we’re being involved here.

    Since Bonds went offshore I’ve never touched the brand.

  8. TheFamousEccles

    Zut says it all; very obviously deliberate as a decision either way would create significant publicity for the brand. And secondly (as other posters have mentioned, too) since they went offshore, knowledgeable buyers who give a rats about manufacturing in this country are avoiding the brand, but sadly the majority of people will have no such qualms (much less knowledge)are tickled by the titillating (sorry) campaign and will buy in bulk.

  9. Tinatoerat

    Wishing to become knowledgable: what brands of undies are manufactured in Australia?

  10. Salamander

    Bit rich picking on Bonds for “un-Australian” commercial behaviour! Nobody manufactures textiles here any more.

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