Nov 19, 2013

Australia a ‘wrecking ball’ at UN climate summit

The UN's annual climate summit is halfway through, and Australia is acting as a wrecking ball, working against any consensus. There goes our long-held reputation as a constructive force in finding a solution to climate change ...

It has taken just seven days, but already the reputation of Australia as a constructive force in international climate policy has been completely trashed — both in terms of its domestic actions and in the wrecking ball tactics it has sent to the UN’s annual climate summit in Poland.

The two-week summit is just over halfway through, and Australia is now seen as an “anti-climate” nation that is actively working against any consensus.

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17 thoughts on “Australia a ‘wrecking ball’ at UN climate summit

  1. Jude Silber

    Well, what do you expect. Mr Abbott has expressed his climate sceptic view’s, in alleged contrast with Mr Murdock, who has supposedly seen the light. You voted him in, Good luck, you will need it.

  2. klewso

    These speed bumps on the road to progress will expect (and be expected by their touts) to be given a place at the same wheel, when the sum of their actions is costed.

  3. paddy

    Every time someone says “Well what did you expect?” I’m tempted to reply. “Nobody expects the Spanish inquisition.”
    But it’s all getting fairly serious, when Abbott and his merry band of pranksters seem determined to wreck the planet for short term political gain.
    Time to start pushing back….*hard*!

  4. kd

    yes, a truely disgusting policy implementation from the new government. They don’t seem to realise how vulnerable this makes them.

  5. Roger Clifton

    Preparations for an international response to AGW might be benefited by Australia’s going sour for a while. Temporarily freed from public concerns to fix the problem, our representatives could turn to ridiculing the dysfunctional directions in the climate movement. A bit of derision might be in order…

    “Why is all this money being committed with no fix in sight? It seems to be nothing but guilt money, silencing the voices of alarm in the developing nations.”

    “All of you promise loudly, but you only achieve token reductions. If you are serious about zero carbon emissions, what are you going to replace carbon with?”

    “Show us an efficient operation of “carbon capture and storage”! You guys are full of hot air. If building a power station is forbidden unless it’s got an operating CCS, it will never get built at all.”

    … and so on. If it cleans up some of the hypocrisy and parasitism, perhaps the International table will be that more capable of an emergency global response when the level of urgency reaches it.

  6. Iskandar

    As John Howard was Australia’s Richard Nixon, so Abbott is Australia’s George W Bush. I expected exactly what is transpiring, even for the first time making a significant campaign contribution to the ALP, though retired on a limited income, in the vain hope of stemming the conservative tide. But the electorate seems to love pompous mediocrity, and this is were we landed. Agree with Paddy; time to fight back……hard.

  7. Steve777

    None of this is surprising. The Coalition parties have long since been captured by climate change denialists. In the lead up to the election, it was clear that the Coalition intended to withdraw Australia from any effective action on climate change mitigation. Australia is now resuming the ‘spoiler’ role it played under the Howard Government.

  8. MJPC

    As many have said here, with Abbott and his merry band of flat earthers deciding policy I would have expected no less. When Hunt sought scientific solace from wikipaedia the alarm bells should have been ringing long and loud. Heaven help us if northern Australia is subjected to a cyclone the likes of what the Phillipines has endured, how will they pass that one off.
    With climate change off the agenda, can workchoices mark 2 be that far off to be included? Revolution Now!

  9. Dogs breakfast

    Testimony to the observation that no amount of facts will change the mind of the purposely ignorant.

    Abbott and his mugs are ideologues. It’s hard to follow any logic at all, perhaps it is about some new conspiracy theories, perhaps it is as simple as thinking that we are rich as long as the world needs our coal. Perhaps they are just recalcitrant bullies.

    Who can figure it, why would you want to go to the wire to defend a position that is indefensible, and will be seen to be moreso in the future.

    Regardless of whether John Howard believes in it or not.

  10. Dogs breakfast

    What are they hoping for? A future where we look back proudly to say that ‘they were the ones who were brave enough to stand up to scientific consensus and save us from a certain, well, possible, reduction in our Gross National Product of up to 2%, oh yeah, of course that is if you forget that we should have been leaders in renewable energies and now we are totally behind the 8-ball.”

    Do they think that the future will look back on them as visionaries? Tough guys?

    It’s a staggering position of arrogance and ignorance. ‘Luddites’ just does not do them justice.

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