Nov 18, 2013

The US’ trade secrets demands and what they mean for journos

Leaked Trans-Pacific Partnership documents show the US is pushing for unprecedented penalties for those (like journalists) who expose trade secrets. Will Australia go along with the proposal? ANU College of Law associate professor Matthew Rimmer looks at what's at stake.

Trans-Pacific Partnership

Last week, WikiLeaks published the draft text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership’s Intellectual Property Chapter. Its Editor-In-Chief, Julian Assange, declared:

“If instituted, the TPP’s IP regime would trample over individual rights and free expression, as well as ride roughshod over the intellectual and creative commons.”

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5 thoughts on “The US’ trade secrets demands and what they mean for journos

  1. klewso

    Do we ordinary voters “need to know” any/all of this?

  2. Yclept

    Aboslutely not! Ignorance is bliss. Just hand over all your cash and your first born to the US corporations now. Beat the rush…

  3. a_swann

    If yr interested in this stuff you should follow Dr Matthew Rimmer on twitter, he is digging up all sorts of TPP related goodies from around the net.

    TPP is an IP juggernaut that suits business plans of big corporations and makes it tougher for start ups and real innovators.

  4. klewso

    “We might not vote in their interests …. and to our detriment….”?

  5. James Paterson

    I wonder if this trade secrets matter also covers medical and health information . I would think that there are many items on the net that may dissapear or be taken down. As in the matter of statin drugs problem , explained in detail on the net by dozens of people including medical specialists and professors. Not sure what this trade secret matter would cover and whether explanation of troubles would be allowed. Might it also mean chemical contents don’t have to be displayed on bottling or packaging to protect persons mixing their own for cheaper?

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