Nov 11, 2013

What internet overlord Apple is doing with your personal data

Apple has issued some details on what information it passes on to governments (including Australia's). Technology journalist Richard Chirgwin has some advice for you if you're relying on Apple's cloud. So put down that iPhone.


Isn’t it nice to know that at least one computer overlord is taking care of us?


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2 thoughts on “What internet overlord Apple is doing with your personal data

  1. Scott

    So if Apple, Google and Facebook know equally much about us, why is Apple the Overlord of your title?

  2. Ben

    “If you have a pre-Mavericks version of Apples OS X desktop operating system, you could opt out of its cloud services and sync your various i-devices directly to your desktop or laptop. No more; the ordinary user, wanting to synch iPhone to laptop, can only do so by sending his or her data through the Apple cloud.”

    Not true…

    And what about the subscription details that Crikey has on all it’s users? Is that within “reach of American law?”

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