safety card

The O'Farrell government, all 11 New South Wales universities, the NSW Police and four leading NSW museums have issued an unprecedented all-points alert warning international students about a phoney representative organisation controlled by a mysterious Chinese millionaire. After a double-pronged Crikey investigation shone a spotlight on the campus activities of the so-called "National Liaison Committee for International Students", run by Chinatown venture capitalist Jan "Master" Shang, NSW authorities have sprung into action, issuing a grave joint statement this morning denouncing the group and its activities. The NSW Office of Fair Trading has launched a high-level investigation into Shang's bogus "Safety Card", issued by NLC subsidiary the "Overseas Students Association", which claims to offer students non-existent discounts at a range of Sydney museums and cultural institutions and, even more seriously, extra protection from police. It will probe alleged breaches of Australian consumer laws.