Wake Up and Studio 10, the Ten Network's two new breakfast/morning programs are in trouble if the ratings spin from Ten is any guide. With the Cup on Seven exclusively and Sunrise and The Morning Show both broadcasting from Flemington racecourse, the average metro audiences fell for both programs -- 39,000 for Wake Up from the previous day's 52,000 and 45,000 for Studio 10, down from 63,000. The national audience dipped from 83,000 to 63,000 for Studio 10 and to 55,000 from 80,000 for Wake Up. Hopefully that was a one-off for yesterday.

Ten's first brief ratings chat this morning talked about the peak audience and its reach -- two stats used by the networks when the average audience figure is bad. There was no mention of the actual audience averages. If there had been an increase in the audiences for both programs, then Ten would have trumpeted that, wouldn't they? The second, more detailed ratings chat failed to mention Wake Up or Studio 10 and looked at programs from 5pm onward.