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Nov 1, 2013




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22 thoughts on “The AEC and WA: A flustercuck of unimaginable proportions!

  1. ernmalleyscat

    Eww, pretty serious acne on those vote-counting quolls and nice to see Clive from back in his chestnut mane days.
    I suspect 1375 people read Russell Brand and decided to revolutionise their votes back.

  2. klewso

    Someone’s working on their RSI?

  3. klewso

    Clive wasn’t a rikishi in an earlier life….?

  4. Andybob

    Know it sounds funny
    But I just can’t stand the pain
    Clive’s plight arouses sorrow.
    Seems to me those quolls
    Have done all they can
    You know they’ve begged, stolen
    And ‘borrowed’.

    Ooh, that’s why he’s queasy
    The AEC is on it’s last warning
    You see it’s easy
    The Parliament he’ll be adorning.

  5. Interrobanging On

    That would be a flustercluck from Ariadne when Cliver buttonholes her with his claim that the ballot papers were stolen by yowies paid by the CIA.

  6. Andybob

    Also and completely off topic. Why am I so shocked Chris Pyne doesn’t know who Lou Reed is ? Is he just pretending he doesn’t know in order to give us all the sh-ts, or is our Minister for Education really that pig ignorant ?

  7. drmick

    It is western australia. There was always going to be a problem in a state where they lost the money from a mining boom and are now broke; losing so few votes as they did was quite an achievement. Apparently there are africans who will do the recount for a dollar a month.

  8. zut alors

    To a Queensland resident it’s pretty obvious the 1375 votes were spirited away by the Scorpion bikie gang.

  9. klewso

    (13+7)x5=100 ….. coincidence? I think not!

  10. drmick

    Thats easy Klewso when you only have five fingers on each hand a 5 toes on each foot. You try it with two heads and six fingers and see what you get.

  11. HB

    best line of the year – “he did such a great job with Mohamad Haneef”. thanks Dog

  12. zut alors

    Andybob, musicals are more his style.

  13. klewso

    I just heard they’d been adbucted by aliens (that’s where they put you in a bucket – like Toady) – has anyone checked under the counter at Wendi’s?

    [If you could kill the CIA, would that be Cianide?]

  14. TheFamousEccles

    Andybob, in regard to Christopher Pyne (it actually felt yukky typing that name), it’s your first thought.

  15. Mike Smith

    Flustercuck[1]! An admirable spoonerism by FD, to avoid the wrath of the editor if he said f u c k.

    [1] If it were Flustercluck, I’d suspect it was the sound a moribund battery chicken produces.

  16. Venise Alstergren

    Going on previous form, Clive Palmer will sue the AEC. This could prolong the results of a royal commission looking into these matters up to 2 years, or more. For two years the electorate in WA will be waiting to know whether or not they go to the polls again.

    Holy bull moose!

  17. AR

    Surely that’s Brendan Nelson’s hair, standing in for Scott’s? Clive must be the only person in the world who can say the AEC got it right (on 3rd or 12th or whatever recount) but failed everywhere else. And believe it.

  18. Kevin_T

    Remember… A specially trained vote counting spotted quoll is for life, not just an election.

  19. Chips Mackinolty

    It’s a Spanish backpacker, not Italian

  20. Hominoid

    Did you visit that secret base when you went to the moon, FD? Do tell…

  21. Rod Marr

    Forget the missing votes. How about we talk about the “bored Italian backpacker”? Hmmmm, far more interesting I say…volio amore, volio volio.

  22. Rod Marr

    @Dr Mick No: 7

    You are closer to the truth than what you think.


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