Drawing Australia into the phone tapping controversy. Diplomatic problems surely loom for Australia as south-east Asian nations begin to get agitated about the activities of the United States in electronic eavesdropping. The close links between our Defence Signals Directorate and the US's National Security Agency will make it inevitable. Following further reports yesterday by Der Spiegel, Asian newspapers are now featuring the story.

Add the daily home index to the list. Capital city home prices in Australia went up just a tick less than 1% yesterday. Now surely that's the kind of market news that might actually interest a listener to the on-the-hour every-hour radio news. But no. Not a mention of the RP Data-Rismark Daily Home Value Index. Just the boring updates of the Hang Seng something or other, the price of Brent crude and how many New Zealand cents you can buy for one of our real dollars. So here is Chunky Bits showing news editors the way: