Canberra love

Crikey decided to rule on the great debate over whether Canberra is a lovely place to live or a dud, so we asked some of the best writers around: you. On Monday we launched a comp for people to make the case for whether Canberra is wonderful or terrible (or something in between). We received a flood of entries, some in poetic form or set to music, some stretching to essay length. The overwhelming verdict? Canberra has a phalanx of supporters, and there are plenty of good things about it. And if you're a Canberra-bagger -- well, that's exactly what Canberrans want you to do, because they don't want you ruining their small-town haven. The winner, as judged by Crikey's Alan Davies and Cathy Alexander, is Julian Zytnik, whose entry reminds us there's more than one solution to a good city ("multiple equilibria" as an economist might say). Here are our finalists.