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Oct 22, 2013

How dare you try to politicise this politicising!

First Dog On The Moon has a message from all the non-firefighting elitists in our country.



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52 thoughts on “How dare you try to politicise this politicising!

  1. rhwombat

    This. This – several thousand times. It takes a lot for one of Rupert & George’s minions to outdo Snot Morrison, but, by Pell, Greg (” does my bum look hypocritical saying this?”) Hunt has managed it. Aux armes, citoyennes – brûlez les bâtards dehors.

  2. drmick

    This is your best Firsty. The irony of he and O`Farrel, who has closed fire stations and sacked emergency services staff, reduced hospital beds and staff, offering condolences to the same people they have put in lethal danger is disgraceful. I wonder if they have claimed parliamentary allowances for their “compassion” or their “volunteering”.

  3. zut alors

    Is Toady a firefighter or is he a prime minister? Or neither…

  4. Ian

    I call him the prime ministerial idiot, but I reckon DICKHEAD is closer to the truth. Onya firsty

  5. paddy

    Disingenuous muppet eh?
    I salute your remarkable self restraint FD.

    I don’t think the moderator would allow even
    half the things that I want to call him through the filter.

  6. MJPC

    Yesterday a firefighter, tomorrow legislating to destroy the environment, today GHUA!

  7. Atalanta44

    Right on the money!

  8. drovers cat

    He’s just practising for the multitude of Liberal-National firefights due to start any moment.
    Keep that bucket handy, Secret Squirrel – you’ll need it.

  9. Steve777

    A classic. Need to make sure this one gets into next year’s FDOTM Calander.

  10. Connie Futcha

    Frame 5. I just love a fighter.

  11. LindeeConway

    How I love FDofM

  12. ernmalleyscat

    Muscular Tone is like the bloke who just got convicted last month, who as a RFS volunteer acted with “an intention abhorrent and conduct insidious” by lighting several grass fires around the Bringelly and Badgery’s Creek area in January 2011 so he could dress up and attend the fires and appear heroic.

  13. mikehilliard

    First Dog, no need to than us, we thank you.

  14. JStephens

    This needs to be on bill boards around the country. Particularly in fire zones……

  15. Hominoid

    I think “Disingenuous Muppet” is somewhat misleading, FD. “Duplicitous F*cktard” would be more accurate.

  16. Hominoid

    My comment is awaiting moderation.

  17. Tamas Calderwood

    The graph in frame 5 looks wrong because there hasn’t been any global warming for 15 years. Just saying…

  18. Mike Jones

    Lest you accuse me of wishful thinking, Firsty, I’ll just say that for some reason when I heard that Tony Robot was off fighting fires, placing himself in harm’s way, a picture of Harold Holt floated through my bonce.

  19. Mike Jones

    Paddy, are you saying that you wanted to introduce Tone as “Mike Hunt, PM” ?

  20. Ken Dally

    I’m one of those creatures that the Murdock press says doesn’t exist, a country residing, Fire Fighting (RFS Deputy Captain), greenie voting person who also spent over half his working life as a farmer.

    Disingenuous Muppet or Dickhead are the mildest of the terminology I’m likely to use in reference to Tony Abbott’s and the LNP’s attitude to climate change.

    Thanks for illuminating the obvious FD.

  21. drmick

    Wishful thinking MJ. You should be peased that the punters that have adopted the sigmoid position on climate change are in echo chamber mode, with no light at the end of the sphincter, sorry, tunnel.

  22. Venise Alstergren

    My reply to Greg Hunt was printed in The Melbourne Age this morning.

    “”It is to be hoped Mr Hunt feels the same revulsion when fundamentalist Christians declaim bushfire tragedies to be caused by society’s tolerance of homosexuality.””

  23. moi aussie

    Yeah!!! Another Brilliant One Ripe for Making into a Tasteful Poster or TeaTowel or T-Shirt so We Can Share The FD Wisdom Far and Wide!
    thank you FD,
    as always, yours every truliest
    Moi Aussie

  24. Andybob

    You know that it would be untrue
    You know that I would be a liar
    If I was to say to you
    Climate makes the fire risk higher

    Come and see me fight this fire
    Now the situation’s dire
    Just you watch me fight this fire !

    The time to hesitate is through
    While scientists wallow in the mire
    The carbon tax we must remove
    Though the State become a funeral pyre

    Come and see me fight this fire
    Now the situation’s dire
    Just you watch me fight this fire !

  25. ernmalleyscat

    Brilliant Andybob. Ol’ Lizard Lips sing the Lizard King.

  26. zut alors

    Andybob, by popular demand, soon Crikey will be forced to give you your own column.

    Today’s excellent effort is my all-time favourite. Very catchy, can’t stop singing…

  27. Meg Marlo

    Andybob, my mojo’s risin.

  28. Venise Alstergren

    KEN DALLY: You are indeed a rare bird. In fact I’ve only met one other of your kind. It’s wonderful to know you are fighting back on the extinction front. Good luck in your endeavours.

  29. Venise Alstergren

    ANDYBOB: Brilliant, as usual.

    MIKE JONES: Must you raise my hopes so high? (19)

    MIKE JONES: I thought he was known as rhyming slang Hunt-or was that his father? (20)

  30. TheFamousEccles

    do you have a day job, Andybob? If so, you should quit it and start writing satirical prose/lyrics!

    Meg Marlo, you beat me to it..

  31. JStephens

    This one came from the venerable loon pond:
    So Tone……deaf

  32. drmick

    Bravo Andybob; bravo you bluddy champion. Zut is right;new national anthem yesterday and worst prime monster ever hymn today. They should play and sing this every time he fronts the new presidential lectern. He is that vain he would roll around in it.

  33. Meg Marlo

    TFE,..Don’t you love his way? Don’t you love him as he’s walking out the door? I think you love him madly.

  34. klewso

    I do hope Toady’s careful – you know what happens when smoke gets in your lies?

    I..’m such a cunning chap
    “Climate change is crap!”
    Now I smirk and gloat
    Illegals in a boat, I said it for the vote.

  35. LucyJr

    Brilliant.Good Dog!

  36. Alycia Bailey

    I’m not going to diss his work with the RFS, but I’m certainly not going to celebrate it either.

    It would be as if my cat had thrown up all over the carpet and then I applauded her for eating part of it again to save me cleaning up that one spot.

  37. fractious

    On. The. Fcuking. Nail.

    “October, bitches” indeed.

  38. Interrobanging On

    What about Mendacious Sh*t Moron, or MSM for short??

    Will he claim his per diem for these heroic feats of volunteer photo-opping?

    MSM and Greg Haunt says: don’t politicise bushfires.

    What they mean is “don’t think”. Stop The Thinking…now there’s a Three Word Slogan they just might use.

  39. Mike Jones

    Andybob, The Doggonaut Lounge’s Tom Lehrer. Well done, sport !

  40. Hoojakafoopy

    Ha Ha I love Tony’s upturned-bucket head in this heroic episode. Ideal for driving head-on into climate change.

  41. PDGFD1

    Outstanding work FD (+ Doggonauts)…Cough, splutter, asthma attack….

    Meanwhile… discovered recently that donations to local CFS aren’t tax deductible…
    Churches yes, Firefighters no. Verrrry Interrresting… grrrr.

    Ken Dally @#21 – Good to hear from a rural Doggonught, have never understood the Farmers/Greenies divide we should be on same side… (best wishes for hounding your local Lib/LNP candidate out of office next time round)

  42. PDGFD1

    erratum : Doggonaut… hose fingers!

  43. Thomas McLoughlin

    Some one at the Murdoch tabloid is lying again. http://www.news.com.au/national/nsw-act/bush-fuel-is-to-blame-for-nsw-blazes-not-united-nations-climate-change-theory-experts-say/story-fnii5s3x-1226744870197 Here is the the evidence of climate induced fire risk from the Bureau of Meteorology for September 2013 – “Monday, 14 October 2013 – Monthly Climate Summary for Sydney – Product code IDCKGC15L0
    Sydney in September 2013: Warmest September on record

    Maximum temperatures break previous September record by 1 °C
    Records broken for warm days, cool nights, warm spells
    Below average rainfall; wettest day since June.
    Early start to bushfire season ”


  44. drmick

    I am at work in Leura looking north over the Alex Hotel, towards the grose valley.Wind is gusting to 60 kms at present but we cannot even see any smoke let alone flaming dead cattle falling from the sky as the murdoch press is reporting. This is where the 1957 fires entered the town and took out 34 houses and shops. Weather today is nothing like it was then. Be alert, not alarmed. I am getting a beer and becoming moist as well. Cheers

  45. Mike Jones

    I dunno, drmick. If I was a mountain man like you, I’d be more worried about the still going up.

  46. Venise Alstergren

    DRMICK: Please look after yourself. Have another beer. Which branch of Rupert Murdoch’s pre-paid opinionated rags came out with that moronic statement? The daily pictograph of nursery rhymes?

  47. drmick

    Thanks Dogonauts; I cant even offer anyone roasted nuts. The fire didn’t come close enough to even singe them thanks to the firies. Fabulous brave unselfish unbelievable job.
    We now must hug and reassure our neighbours down the mountain and help them rebuild their lives and their houses. The village that builds a child needs to be rebuilt.

  48. Joel B1

    What a bunch of whinging lefties!

    Anyone would think you didn’t believe Tony Abbott before the election when he said “No Carbon Tax”.

    But unlike certain lying lefty ALP types he actually meant it.

    No wonder you’re all so upset: A PM who keeps his word, unbelievable.

  49. ernmalleyscat

    Now THAT’S satire Joel

  50. klewso

    Anyone seen Toady’s Medicare safety net?

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