Oct 22, 2013

How dare you try to politicise this politicising!

First Dog On The Moon has a message from all the non-firefighting elitists in our country.

First Dog On The Moon

Crikey cartoonist

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52 thoughts on “How dare you try to politicise this politicising!

  1. rhwombat

    This. This – several thousand times. It takes a lot for one of Rupert & George’s minions to outdo Snot Morrison, but, by Pell, Greg (” does my bum look hypocritical saying this?”) Hunt has managed it. Aux armes, citoyennes – brûlez les bâtards dehors.

  2. drmick

    This is your best Firsty. The irony of he and O`Farrel, who has closed fire stations and sacked emergency services staff, reduced hospital beds and staff, offering condolences to the same people they have put in lethal danger is disgraceful. I wonder if they have claimed parliamentary allowances for their “compassion” or their “volunteering”.

  3. zut alors

    Is Toady a firefighter or is he a prime minister? Or neither…

  4. Ian

    I call him the prime ministerial idiot, but I reckon DICKHEAD is closer to the truth. Onya firsty

  5. paddy

    Disingenuous muppet eh?
    I salute your remarkable self restraint FD.

    I don’t think the moderator would allow even
    half the things that I want to call him through the filter.

  6. MJPC

    Yesterday a firefighter, tomorrow legislating to destroy the environment, today GHUA!

  7. Atalanta44

    Right on the money!

  8. drovers cat

    He’s just practising for the multitude of Liberal-National firefights due to start any moment.
    Keep that bucket handy, Secret Squirrel – you’ll need it.

  9. Steve777

    A classic. Need to make sure this one gets into next year’s FDOTM Calander.

  10. Connie Futcha

    Frame 5. I just love a fighter.

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