Bandt's inconvenient truth

Martyn Smith writes: Re. "Richard Farmer's chunky bits" (Friday). When Richard Farmer castigated Adam Bandt for his '"tactless intervention" he was in the company of Murdoch's un-Australian, which was full of outrage (again).  Murdoch has strange, hypocritical views on free speech. Bandt might have been tactless, but he told an inconvenient truth, linking the fires via climate change to Prime Minister Tony Abbott's regrettable decision to do nothing on carbon pricing. Perhaps Bandt is fed up with all the hand-wringing in the media and the pious statements about how the community is bravely pulling together and seeks to fix the cause of the problem. We all feel for the people who are suffering and applaud their courage, and some of us would like to stop it happening to them again. His timing was excellent. Thanks to Farmer and the un-Oz we at least heard of Bandt's remarks, and hopefully he will continue to make them, popular or not.