News Corp shareholders give Lachlan a thumbs down. At 21st Century Fox's annual general meeting, held on Friday night Australian time, quite a few shareholders showed they really don't like the presence of Rupert Murdoch’s heir apparent Lachlan Murdoch, or Lachlan's brother James, on the company's board. The same shareholders also revealed they are not big fans of Rupert being both chairman and CEO. It was only the 39% of the voting shares held by Rupert that really saved the Murdochs from humiliation.

Ten Network chairman Lachlan received the lowest total vote of all board members, with 384 million votes supporting his place on the board and almost 126 million opposed. James, who oversaw much of the incompetent handling of the News of the World phone hacking scandal, and received 411 million votes in favour of a board seat and almost 100 million against.