Oct 18, 2013

At the flick of a switch, a potentially brutal fire season begins

It's not clear whether climate change has led to this severe bushfire, but it's no reason to be complacent, writes bushfire expert Dr David Bowman from the University of Tasmania.

Fires are raging across New South Wales, building on an already aggressive early start to the fire season. An obvious question looms: is this unprecedented and does this have the fingerprints of climate change?


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4 thoughts on “At the flick of a switch, a potentially brutal fire season begins

  1. Gavin Moodie

    Thanx for this interesting piece.

  2. heavylambs

    Yes, an excellent backgrounder… to which I’d add enhanced plant growth from ACO2 must surely be factored into biomass calculations. If it is now possible for forest or grassland to add biomass faster than at pre-industrial levels of CO2, then clearly another anthropogenic element is in play.

  3. AR

    Yet fear not, we will soon be freed from the iniquitous yoke of the carbon tax by Tony “climate change is crap” Abbott.
    Repent, REPENT!

  4. MJPC

    It’s not the case of whether climate change has led to the current bushfire emergency, in my mind it’s whether 38+ degree temperatures in early spring are a result of CC and how this is addressed. If this is to continue who knows what the end result will be.
    The weather patterns are changing, one doesn’t have to be a scientist to see that. There are still those out there whom one speaks to who gives the trite comments that there were forests in the arctic at one time. There were also dinosaurs and look what happened to them when their climate changed. At least mankind has a chance to address changes, but will they…it’s not looking too rosy.

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