Let the people judge. You can have whatever rules and regulations you want but you will never get agreement on what is a fair and reasonable expense for a member of parliament, so why even bother to try? Just give MPs a lump sum to cover expenses of all kinds that they can spend as they wish. Then make them explain to those that choose them where the money went. Let first the pre-selectors then the electors sit in judgment.

What the Roxon criticisms say about her and the rest of them. What a spineless lot of Labor ministers Nicola Roxon exposed us to in her speech bucketing Kevin Rudd. Fancy a group of adults, tough enough to become politicians, being cowered into silent inaction by one man. Surely there once was a time when, confronted by the kind of behaviour of which Roxon spoke, a minister like her would have followed the honourable course of resigning and then publicly stating why.