Not the strongest night of TV. Seven's Dancing with the Stars, while helping win the night for Seven, did so with another fall in audience in all markets. But Nine and Ten had nothing strong enough to put pressure on Seven, except weaker efforts from Big Brother and the debut of Rebel Wilson's Super Fun Night which made the national top 10. But that will be the peak for what is a mildly amusing program, which is probably funnier than it seems because it follows the very dull Big Brother.

Dancing with the Stars  has lost around 300,000 viewers from its return episode a couple of weeks ago -- it started with just over 2 million national viewers. Last night it had 1.741 million/ 1.133 million metro/ 608,000 regional viewers, which is not to be sneezed at. But the program skews old and you could almost hear the roar of electric jugs for the cups of tea and chocolate across the country after the show ended.