Oct 4, 2013

Offensive but justified: Chaser cleared over Kenny dog sketch

The ABC has dismissed complaints against a Chaser sketch involving columnist Chris Kenny that even Aunty's own Media Watch said was in poor taste.

Matthew Knott

Former Crikey media reporter

A controversial Chaser sketch depicting a News Corp columnist having sex with a dog didn’t breach the ABC’s editorial policies, the ABC’s complaints department has found.

The ABC will today notify almost 200 complainants that the photo-shopped image of Australian columnist Chris Kenny having sex with a dog would have offended many viewers but was legitimate satire. Kenny, a former Coalition staffer, is a strident ABC critic.

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19 thoughts on “Offensive but justified: Chaser cleared over Kenny dog sketch

  1. Rubio Diego

    Why should anybody complain? As a Labor voter, I can empathize with the dog!

  2. leon knight

    Poor taste indeed, but in Kenny’s case (and News Corp at large), thoroughly justified – I found it quite amusing, and poetic justice for all the rubbish that mob get away with

  3. steinman max

    His son thought it was a good depiction.

  4. mikeb

    Was the dog one of the 200?

  5. dkr82

    The same company that embraced photoshop to depict various Government Ministers as Stalin/Nazis and the Speaker of the House as vermin is now complaining over its use to have a go at one of its own??

    Photoshop is a double-edged sword News Corp. If you’re happy to live by it, be prepared to die by it..

  6. klewso

    Some of those photo-shopped Limited News “jokes”, that initiated The Chaser’s response, were probably offensive to a lot of people too?

  7. CML

    Amen to all the above comments!

  8. Bob the builder

    I’m sure Andrew Dolt will be ecstatic about this protection of free speech.

  9. Harry Rogers

    Oh the immaturity of it all, nothing ever gets learnt. So now the media and commentators and bloggers have a race to the gutter. Another kick in the guts for professional sensible debate.

  10. AR

    How would it be possible to denigrate someone who chooses to work for Mudorc? One might think that were shaming enough.

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