Greens Senate preferences

Former Greens leader Bob Brown writes: Re. "It’s Family First’s Day thanks to Greens preferences in Senate race" (yesterday). There would be four progressive senators elected in South Australia and two conservatives had Nick Xenophon agreed to swap preferences with the Greens' Sarah Hanson-Young and then go to Labor. Instead he gambled on dropping his role as a true independent and getting his campaign manager and running mate Stirling Griff up. That is when he lost the lot. His big bundle of extra votes which should have elected the second Labor senator was left stranded with the hapless Mr Griff. Andrew Crook got mired in the final entrails instead of looking at who killed the progressive beast's best chance in South Australia at the outset.  Nick Xenophon did. When Xenophon abruptly ended preference negotiations with me I feared this outcome and I told him so. He split his first preferences with the Coalition and Labor, instead of the Greens and Labor, and Family First and the second Liberal were on their way home.