Oct 1, 2013

At the Opera House, a Gillard curtain call to a cacophony of love

She hit out at the haters and a sell-out crowd went wild. Julia Gillard emerged from exile to talk to Anne Summers in front of a packed Sydney Opera House audience. Crikey was there.

Andrew Crook — Former <em>Crikey</em> Senior Journalist

Andrew Crook

Former Crikey Senior Journalist

The first chapter of ex-prime minister Julia Gillard’s first post-politics public love-in kicked off in rapturous fashion at the Sydney Opera House last night.


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52 thoughts on “At the Opera House, a Gillard curtain call to a cacophony of love

  1. Karen

    I knew history would judge Julia well, although I could never have predicted how quickly. IndeedAssociate Prof at Adelaide Uni, Brookings Institute advisor, roving ambassador and VIP guest on the world public speaking circuit (starting with sell out tours in Australia), Julia has MOVED on!!

    She leaves behind diminished men and one narky Bishop, fighting over the spoils of a diminished prime ministership and polity. It must surely taste like ash because it certainly looks like that at the moment…

  2. Patricia Rego

    Yes, Gillard made mistakes which she readily admitted. However, she was under unrelenting and often unfair criticism during her tenure as PM. We’re all well aware of where JG might have done better. However, value of last night was to allow JG the woman – the first woman PM – to be seen and to respond in a way that was impossible as PM.

  3. Brigid Tancred

    What a pleasant change it would have been if Crikey had given a woman journalist the job of commenting on Juiia’s interview. Maybe then we would have been able to avoid the mocking tone so characteristic of male journos{even those who write for Crikey)in their attitudes to our first woman Prime Minister.

  4. paddy

    Touché Brgid. Perhaps Crikey could provide (or commission) a woman journalist to cover round 2 at the Melb town hall tonight.

  5. Juno

    I think the Crikey journalist must have seen a different interview to me. His somewhat snide review just demonstrates to me that we really do have a long way to go.

  6. drmick

    Spot on Brigid. They just didn’t get it, they don’t get it and wont get it because they cant. She was the first and she has done the hard yards. The haters papers have already become bird cage liners and fish and chip wrappers & the fleas & parasites can look for another host.

  7. Anne

    It seems to me that Andrew Crook’s comment on the event is as biased as he claims the audience, the MC, Anne Summers and Julia Gillard to have been.
    It misses the point that this was the first time that the other Australians who have been on the receiving end of both deliberate and unconscious sexism for all of their lives and all of their working lives because they are female have had the opportunity to show some respect to the former Prime Minister. It was an acknowledgement of the grace and dignity she showed under fire, and the admiration many women and men feel for her for the way she handled appalling behaviour and what has been an appalling period in Australian political history. There was a collective sigh of relief that her feelings at the time were expressed as ‘murderous rage’ rather than having succumbed to self-doubt – another example of her guts and determination.
    It misses the point that the people who were there acknowledge her mistakes – I heard other members of the audience citing their lists – but the achievements of the Gillard government are on the record, and there are many.
    The naysayers and Gillard haters have taken advantage of the many opportunities to lash out at Gillard personally and at her government: this was the first time many people have had the opportunity to show their support, and they took it.

  8. Mark from Melbourne

    Pretty ordinary reporting padded out with lots of gratuitous opinion – “that the party was never sleepwalking to disaster under her watch.”

  9. drmick

    She has more class than any of her detractors, has inspired more people than any “hack churnalist” & will make a brilliant first Australian President.

  10. Joe Magill

    I wasn’t there, just watched it on ABC and I admit I’m a Gillard fan. I totally agree with Andrea and Anne. If this is the best Crikey’s “senior journalist” can do, I’d better redirect my interest elsewhere.

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