Bubble bubble, psychics in trouble

Niall Clugston writes: Re. “The dangers of psychic counsel: is regulation in the crystal ball?” (Friday). I was shocked to read in Crikey that psychics aren’t accredited counsellors. Next you’ll be telling us that astrologers aren’t qualified financial planners. Or feng shui experts don’t have degrees in architecture. Government regulation will only drive these operators underground. Tony Abbott must appoint a Witchfinder General without delay!

Newspaper cover prices

Gary writes: Re. “SMH, Age hike paper prices”  (Wednesday). In response to David Whittingham’s view (Thursday) of the diminished value of the Sydney Tele, I’m reminded of the (then) Melbourne Sun, which in my earliest adult years (over 40 years ago) was referred to as “not fit to wrap fish ‘n’ chips”. How times don’t change.

Labor’s budget management

Peter Matters writes: Re. “What happened to Swan’s surplus? Now we know” (Friday). Wayne Swan’s budget management was competent enough. His and Julia Gillard’s great mistake was allowing themselves to be bullied by the old Conservative quite-incorrect catch cry about Labor being poor economic managers.

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