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Sep 18, 2013




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12 thoughts on “Who have the IPCC killed this time?

  1. zut alors

    frame #2: the poor bees are dying off, too. They may cark it before we do.

    Preserved as history is the fact that Toady abolished the role of Minister for Climate Change, the Clean Energy Finance Corp, Climate Change Authority and the Climate Change Commission.

    It should make fascinating reading for future generations of Abbotts.

  2. drovers cat

    Climate change is crap, says the man who thinks there’s a big bloke living in the sky

  3. paddy

    Well said FD.
    Today was not a nice day for realists.
    Schadenfreude tastes like crap.

  4. klewso

    It’s all Right, we voted for Tony Abbott – God won’t touch us now.

  5. Coaltopia

    Make sure your apocalypse bunker has air-conditioning. And always wear shades.

  6. klewso

    And who needs science when we’ve got Murdoch and his experts?
    ……. Who’s next for a lobotomy?

  7. drmick

    Explaining sex to your kiddies will be remembered as being a lot easier than explaining scorched earth, the 2013 election result and why men grow facial hair that makes them look like a dog walking away from you with its tail in the air to the grand-kiddies.
    Old money should pay for old sins and new money should prevent old sins being repeated. If big everything doesn’t like it they can pi$$ off too.

  8. Steve777

    No effective action will be taken on reducing Carbon emissions until the effects go Global Warming become unmistakeable and begin to affect the bottom lines of large corporations, at which time the big end of town will demand that the government fix the problem or compensate them for its effects. And that someone besides themselves pays for doing so.

  9. klewso

    Don’t worry, we’ll pay for their intransigence.

  10. Pusscat

    Well, you said it, Dog…so far I’ve managed to put together a raincoat and quite an attractive umbrella…if any doggonaut can lend me a solar-powered radio, I think I’ll be OK…for a little while, at least…well, here’s hoping!

  11. drmick

    If he wants to gain our trust, then his “judgement of good sorts” as far needs serious adjustment. The member for the rsl rooty hill battlers looked like she might have taken a couple for the team if the rogues gallery team photo is any indication. Maybe it was a halloween prank and she and the others just dressed up early.

  12. Peter Grimbeek

    I love this one. The message is break-takingly clear.

    I’d like to share it via Facebook but cannot see a mechanism.
    The share options suggest that it can be shared on LinkedIn but the results don’t live up to that claim.


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