Sep 17, 2013

Greg Sheridan defends Sri Lankan junket — and glowing coverage

The Sri Lankan government's human rights record is under attack, but not by The Australian's Greg Sheridan. He travelled to the country last month on a government-funded trip.

Matthew Knott

Former Crikey media reporter

The Australian‘s foreign editor Greg Sheridan has defended accepting the Sri Lankan government’s offer of paid travel and accommodation to report on the state of the country four years after the end of a brutal civil war.

The Australian Tamil Congress has described Sheridan’s series on Sri Lanka — which painted a glowing picture of the country’s progress — as an “advertisement” for the government that ignored the continuing oppression of the country’s Tamil minority.

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21 thoughts on “Greg Sheridan defends Sri Lankan junket — and glowing coverage

  1. Colin Fenwick

    Thank goodness someone has taken Sheridan up on this. I read one of those pieces and apart from anything else, it was completely about the past. About 85 per cent was taken up with description of the Tamil Tiger’s approach to a war that has been over for some time. Absolutely no mention of current circumstances with the challenges to governance and the rule of law. Did anyone mention CHOGM, by the way?

  2. klewso

    The best impartial opinion money and duchessing can buy.

  3. cairns50

    any reasonable person who has ever read any of his opinion columns over the years knows what greg sheridan is and what he stands for

    he is nothing more than a right wing redneck opinionated hack for murdoch and his many papers

  4. klewso

    He’s so shill in his observations.

  5. Bob the builder

    Thanks crikey for having the forbearance to continue pointing out this tired hack’s partisan reporting. Tiresome work, but good that someone’s noting it.

    What a disgraceful joke Sheridan is.

  6. JamesH

    Did Sherry ever get a paid tour of East Timor, or did he promote Indonesia there as an act of charity?

  7. john willoughby

    Bishop and Morrison were in Sri Lanka and also waxed about how well the place was going and how it was fine to send refugees “home”…. this after meeting with a Tamil who later said that he had been afraid to talk freely as they had turned up with a convoy of Sri Lankan Soldiers… and that he had intimated as much to them… it borders on evil really..

  8. Kevin Herbert

    Sheridan is a perennial right wing lightweight for hire who will no doubt be rewarded when the Oz closes with a grandly titled ‘fellowship’ by one of DC’s 200 or so right wing think tanks financed by Murdoch’s neocon sleazebag mates, who directly control the US Congress & the Presidency.

    His foreign affairs analysis is simply not worth reading in my experience as it arrives at exactly the same place every time i.e. the US & its allies are blameless in every geopolitical situation globally notwithstanding the availability of overwhelming, verifiable evidence to the contrary.

    His piece about the sterling future of the disastrous US F35 project would have even made the manufacturer cringe in embarrassment.

    Ironically, he’s a better than average features or color piece writer. His TV reviewing pieces are most readable.

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