Labor’s moral victory

Crikey writers talk Bandt's Greenstown, how western Sydney was saved and what's to like about Labor.

Western drama

Niall Clugston writes: Re. “The landslide that wasn’t: how Labor kept its Sydney heartland” (Friday). As a resident of Sydney’s notorious west, I think your analysis of why Labor held this heartland misses several key points.  Notably, it overlooks the Liberal victory in Reid. However, the most glaring error is Angelo Risso’s assertion that Labor “needn’t have worried”.  On the contrary, fear of a rout ensured the party fought hard.  In particular, the ALP targeted migrant groups. This extended to making phone calls in Mandarin to voters merely because they had Chinese surnames, risking alienating people whose primary language was English or Cantonese or something else. Labor even recruited students from China as campaign workers. In contrast, Andrew Nguyen, the Liberal candidate for Fowler, complained that Tony Abbott gave him the cold shoulder. Of course, it is hard to advocate “stopping the boats” standing next to one of the original boat people from Vietnam.

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One thought on “Labor’s moral victory

  1. CML

    @ David Edmonds – You were doing very well until your last sentence! Joel Fitzgibbon on The Insiders yesterday nailed it:
    1. The destabilization of the Labor Party started in June, 2010 with the sacking of Kevin Rudd;
    2. The so-called destabilization since that time, attributed to Rudd was a beat-up. Everyone in the party was doing their bit, not just Rudd. When Barrie Cassidy hectored Fitzgibbon about ‘three journalists who have already admitted they had been back-grounded by Rudd’, Fitzy asked who they were. All from Murdoch’s biased lot, it seems, and I believe nothing that comes out of the Murdoch press;
    3. Rudd’s ‘influence’ has been acknowledged by the current parliamentary party as positive. According to Fitzy again, there were perhaps up to twenty MPs at the caucus meeting last Friday, who were adamant they would not have been there without Rudd’s return to the leadership and subsequent election campaign. He talked of the Labor Party’s private polling, as well as that in the public domain;
    4. Finally, what you didn’t say about the the first ETS scheme introduced when Rudd was PM, is that it was twice rejected in the Senate by both the GREENS & THE COALITION. The Greens, in particular, were a disgrace over this issue, as I believe it should have been introduced and amended over time, just as the current one has been. Now we are headed for repeal of the legislation – all because the MSM, and especially Murdoch, never wanted it to happen. So, they set about destroying the person who made that statement you quoted: Climate change is ‘the greatest moral challenge of our time’. It seems they did a good job convincing you, and many others on these blogs.
    Fools all!

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