Sep 16, 2013

Govt ministry announced: men the 95% in Abbott cabinet

Tony Abbott has unveiled his new government's ministry in Canberra. There's some winners and losers -- none more so than women. Julie Bishop is the only female MP in cabinet.

Cathy Alexander — Freelance journalist and PhD candidate in politics at the University of Melbourne

Cathy Alexander

Freelance journalist and PhD candidate in politics at the University of Melbourne

Australia’s flirtation with having women at the apex of politics is well and truly over, with Tony Abbott selecting just one woman in his 19-member cabinet.


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29 thoughts on “Govt ministry announced: men the 95% in Abbott cabinet

  1. Glory Toad


  2. Gavin Moodie

    It will be interesting to see the administrative arrangements, which is where portfolio responsibilities are specified in detail. I presume education minister Christopher Pyne is also responsible for higher education and that assistant minister for education Sussan Ley will take main responsibility for vocational education. It is not clear to me who is responsibile for research and science (CSIRO, etc).

  3. paddy

    I’ve never been a great fan of Chris Bowen, but the contrast between his presser following Abbott’s train wreck was telling.
    Esp the (sad) zinger, that the Govt of Afghanistan has more women in its cabinet than Australia.
    It’s looking like a rocky road for the next 3 years.

  4. paddy

    GM. I *thought* I heard Abbott say that Pyne would be responsible for science. But it was all a bit confused during that media scrum.

  5. Gavin Moodie

    Thanx paddy. In the shadow Cabinet the minister for science was Sophie Mirabella as Shadow Minister for Innovation, Industry and Science. If science stays with industry that would make Ian Macfarlane minister.

  6. Ken Dally

    With no Science Minister I suppose they can ignore climate change and all that pesky talk about the bad effects of coal and csg mining.

  7. paddy

    GM I think I’d prefer Ian Macfarlane to Pyne in science.
    But the new Govt and it’s leader, still sound like there’s some argy bargy going on behind the scenes.
    Who’s responsible for what isn’t exactly clear.

  8. Gavin Moodie

    @Paddy. I also prefer Ian Macfarlane to Pyne, and of course both to Sophie Mirabella.

    Presumably whoever’s responsible for science and research will have to deal with the audit commission’s nonsense about grants by the Australian Research Council, so careful handling would be valuable. I’m not sure Pyne would give it the time, even if he had the inclination.

  9. Dennis Pratt

    Wasn’t Kevin Andrews the loon who brought about the overthrow of the Northern Territory’s voluntary euthanasia legislation? And now he’s going to be in charge of Social Services?

    Abbott had the opportunity of using his winning position to clear the deadwood off his front bench and he hasn’t taken it.

  10. Stephen

    Does one “unveil” such a blokey cabinet?

    Perhaps “unleash” or “unstrap” would be a better verb.

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