Sep 13, 2013

Incoming government crashes into Indonesian diplomacy

The incoming Abbott government has learnt the hard way that it might not be a great idea to make foreign policy campaign promises without first talking to the principals involved.

Professor Damien Kingsbury

Crikey international affairs commentator

To suggest that Australia’s relationship with Indonesia has been marked by periods of instability would be less accurate to say the otherwise unstable relationship has been marked by brief periods of stability. After a few years of good relations, it again appears that Australia is headed into difficulties with its near neighbour.


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18 thoughts on “Incoming government crashes into Indonesian diplomacy

  1. Daemon

    My apologies but much as I dislike the conservative side of politics I really do like the idea of not selling our land to Asian countries for any reason whatsoever. If you wonder why, try going over there and buying a block of land in your own name. Never happen. WTF should it happen here?

  2. cnewt27

    principals? And did anyone hear a journalist ask Tony Abbott whether he’d run the buying boats idea past any Indonesians? Looks like we’re back to megaphone diplomacy and “they understand our policies”. And perhaps back to the deputy-sheriff remarks and the “liberation” of East Timor that may, just may have had a bit to do with the Bali bombing.

  3. Paddlefoot

    I have boats to sell – where do I apply for compensation ?

  4. Griffiths Karen

    Why sell? Why not a 99 year lease?

  5. mikehilliard

    Why not sign a lease for the land Indonesia wants. You never know, they could just decide to come & take what they want.

  6. shepherdmarilyn

    This nation and it’s media frenzy over a few thousand refugees arriving quite legally by seat has become deranged beyond measure.

    With 46 million displaced human beings on the planet our pathetic racist belief that we can limit our so called humanity to 20,000 of them has to be exposed for the crap that it is,

    If we did the same amount of work as little Jordan we would have to take in over 2 million refugees, if were were Sweden it would be over 105,000, if Lebanon it would be over 6 million.

    Instead we moronically waste billions on illegal human trafficking to the Pacific Nations to dump just a few hundred people to rot.

  7. Venise Alstergren

    What is the matter with Damien Kingsbury? The point of having a country is that the land belongs to the people who live there. Australians have this ghastly attitude of ‘if it moves, shoot it. If it stands still, chop it down.

    We’ve had the attitude of the mining industry where the first thing people will say at a new mineral strike is. “We can flog it off to America!” We’ve flogged off our land at the first glimpse of a blade of grass, to England, America, China, and now Indonesia wishes to hop aboard.

    There’s only one way to feed everyone on this planet. And that is to restrict the breeding rate.

  8. Raaraa

    “Abbott government’s policy of paying villagers for information about people smugglers”

    Don’t think us Australians would be any happier if Indonesian agents went into our cities looking for the organisers and participants of the “West Papuan flotilla”.

  9. klewso

    “Sabre rattling (for the votes of folks back home) vs actual policy”?
    Which is Real Tony?

  10. zut alors

    Ditto to the lease proposition. In practical terms leasing would still provide and deliver for Indonesia.

    Bob Katter and Cousin Jethro should be given their moment in the sun on this issue.

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