Sep 13, 2013

Bandt’s Greenstown, the last hipster holdout in our dystopia

Freelance writer Mel Campbell is in Greenstown with Adam Bandt, where everyone is donning ponchos, stockpiling lattes and readying themselves for the culture wars to come.

It’s Sunday. The day after. The Mad Monk has won. Across Australia, political warriors struggle from bed with crippling hangovers. On the TV news, a peach-faced Labor lad sobs openly. Twitter and Facebook are ablaze with recrimination and despair.

But the warm spring sun is smiling on the seat of Melbourne. It filters through the leafy boulevards of Princes Hill and Flemington, and it pierces the CBD’s Hoddle Grid. It gleams on the genteel old mansions of East Melbourne and Parkville as on the tight, terraced cottages that once housed the workers of Abbotsford, Carlton, Richmond and Collingwood. It shines over the old housing commission flats, home to immigrants and the poor, and the new, equally ugly apartment towers for aspirationals and empty-nesters.

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39 thoughts on “Bandt’s Greenstown, the last hipster holdout in our dystopia

  1. Hamis Hill

    But, but, Bob Brown left, and it was all supposed to go wrong, wasn’t it?

  2. Professor Tournesol

    Congratulations Mel, I think that you’ve just got the Crikey record for the most tired cliches and stereotypes in a single article. It would be nice of you could rewrite something a bit more thoughtful and rigorous.

  3. Professor Tournesol

    Mel, only because all the articles written about Bandt’s win use the same tone, surely someone with your undoubted ability can aim to be different? 🙂

  4. platt jenny

    I loved it Mel !

  5. Martin Marshman

    Blah Blah Blah Melbourne capitulated to the LNP or did you miss that Mel?

  6. Bob the builder

    Can’t tell if it was satire or parody. Or hagiography…?

  7. Ruprecht

    Great pic choice for the article: Centre Place, possibly the hipsterest laneway in the CBD.

    I ate there before it was cool.

  8. Jennifer Herrick

    I really enjoyed reading this. So well written. thanks Mel.

  9. Mark Duffett

    I’m not sure what’s funnier, Green opponents taking this seriously, or supporters doing so.

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