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Sep 13, 2013




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26 thoughts on “Albo: bringing hope to shorter rounder Australians!

  1. Pusscat

    Hey, everyone, who cares about all that stuff today?

    7.1 billion dreams emerged out of the heliosphere TODAY! At long, long last!!!

    Frabjosity is most definitely called for, and maybe even some pale ale as well!

  2. zut alors

    As usual, Mr Dog has made another on-the-money prediction. Can’t wait to see Albo’s first serve to the Lycra Lizard. Ace.

  3. rhwombat

    Pusscat: that heliosphere emergence is a bit tenuous. It is actually publicity for the publication of a paper on the failure of 70’s technology to detect a single charged particle 19 billion km away for a few months. Look! No ions! Bit like LNP policy really.

  4. theloadeddog

    Still love Albo’s NO-alition call from the last parliament. No doubt he’d have Emmo on speed-dial for more whacky ideas.

  5. rhwombat

    This is probably more apposite for yesterday’s toon, but surely Psychlutes marcidus would give sophie the solenodon some solace. No wonder the Prime Mustelid looked elsewhere.

  6. drovers cat

    Dog#1 I prefer Albonia – and I’d like to go there.
    And anyone who throws their cat into the ring ain’t no pal of mine – and doesn’t belong in the Party of Cats.
    But seriously, people like and possibly even trust Albo – can’t see short-eyes earning that in a hurry – I can see Albo taking it up to the Monk big-time, making Q Time possibly even interesting.

  7. drmick

    The government front bench should provide endless hours of fun and entertainment for someone with a quick wit and good delivery. Mamas lil Shortnin bread is just too dry. Albo will give it to them in spades.

  8. Bruce Taylor

    Could not agree more! Albo should absolutely go the negative. Like a demented dog he should sink his teeth into the PM’s trousers and refuse to let go until such time as Tony, in a vain attempt to shake him off, falls A over T on his confected mandate. What could be more positive than that?

  9. paddy

    The final frame has made me smile for the first time today.
    Go Albo & go FD!!!

  10. Wexford

    I’m looking through my Atari 2600 cartridges and don’t see anything wot tells me how to do opposition leaders. Clearly my collection isn’t as complete as I’d thought!

  11. Venise Alstergren

    ALREADY the graceless Rabbott is finding out the vast difference between foreign policy as election promises, and foreign policy as reality. Hehehehe. If Albo can give the shït loud and hard to Tony Rabbott I will weep with joy.

  12. Andrew L

    Albo. The idea could just grow on me

  13. klewso

    Drover’s – I thought that too, about the name, but it sounds too much like Abbott’s motto “I’ll Bone-ya”?

    [At least Albo won’t be afraid to “Bite the Budgie”?]

  14. Raaraa

    Albo vs Abbott. I can imagine our foreign friends getting confused between the two names.

  15. klewso

    As for his approach to The Monk?
    What’s the point in speaking nice to them? They don’t understand it.
    You might as well speak to them in mandarins, or turnips.
    They can’t get their head around the fact that the lower classes might have just as much right to contribute to politics as they do? Or that they might be right about some things – like climate change (and that it’s more than just a Lefty’s wet dream) – if they were right about those sort of things, they might be right about others? Which means the Right might not be all the time?
    And they can’t grasp the possibility that the Left might be as witty or sarcastic as they like to be – or more so? That the Left can outdo them?
    They thought “Juliar” was funny, when they opened that can……?

  16. drmick

    T-Bone Boneasey; The butcher. I like it

  17. PDGFD1

    As spokesperson for the family Psychrolutidae… they may not be the most aesthetically pleasing mob on the planet, but they have standards of decency. That particular poisonous solenodon would not be welcome at the Christmas table.

  18. PDGFD1

    Firsty – as much as I too would enjoy the view (spech – locked mandible causing flaccid paralysis of T-bone)…

    As a ‘shorter, rounder Australian’ I’m worried this may be a poisoned chalice for Albo… might be better to let Shirtless fall on his sword this time… play the plantago amplexicaulis while they reshuffle, then come into flower, remove the disguise + bring on the toxicodendron radican-effect.
    Sorry Dogonauts – thought it was time to rally non-vertebrates to the cause.

  19. klewso

    Of course he’s got a mandate – what would he do with a ladydate?

  20. Andybob

    What’s it all about, Albo ?
    Is it just for the biffo we live?
    What’s it all about when the knives are out, Albo ?
    Will we watch them take more than they give ?
    Or are we meant to be kind?
    And if only fools are kind, Albo
    Then I guess it’s alright to be cruel.
    And if life belongs only to the strong, Albo
    What will you lend on a light on the hill ?

  21. paddy

    Stirling work on a Friday arvo AndyBob.
    We owe you a craft beer for that one.

  22. Andybob

    You can get it parsing a verse ….

    Make mine a Moon Dog Mustafa’s Dancing Helmet Apricot IPA please.

  23. drmick

    Andybob; and a drmicks plum moonshine & speakeasy chaser.

  24. Liz holloway

    Go, First Dog! Chase that tiny rabbit till it drops!

  25. Sandshoe

    Anthony Albanese has shown he’s got the moves and the cool.


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